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  1. I always feel its young kids. I play horde with my wife and its the same others flock to her. We only play horde together but the amount of lads she gets adding her is funny. Even some straight from the lobbies. She had this one bloke on her list it was hilarious. He only had women on his list. If she was dbno she would run from where ever he was to get her up even before his wife. There was this one day him and his wife were fighting on the game because he kept going to help her. We were going laughing. Then over night he would dissappear off her list but then a few days later he'd ask her to add him again. This happened about 5 times. To this day we're sure it was his wife messing about deleting people. In the end we'd had enough and just ignored him. I think it's just sad. If there's a female in the lobby so be it. As long as there playing the game the best they can. I don't care if there male female or green and scaly. Oh and ps, I knew I recognised your name from somewhere lol.
  2. I had a strange one Sunday, wasn't trolls though. I booted online up and when I came in to play after about 5 minutes there was 4 or 5 lads in bandanas over there faces walking in a circle around me. I waited for one to lassoo me or simply shoot me. But after a minute or so I simply walked away and they went there own way. Just thought it was weird.
  3. Mid 30s about 36 I think. Been playing since between Christmas and new year. Only on weekends. Mainly stranger missions. Fishing. I'll say hunting but it's more see something and blast away. So more often than not its a poor pelt. I play my way and enjoy it lol
  4. Personally not bothered either way. I played fortnite for about 15 minutes, never played pubg also got bo4 and haven't played blackout. I played apex legends for about 5 minutes until I realised what it was. Only played that cause it was on my console after my son downloaded it. I can't be bothered with battle royale games. But like I said that's me. If others want to play it or others good luck to them. Just a shame how most games are jumping on the bandwagon in my opinion.
  5. It is nice to hear when people have good experiences. I've had a couple in the last few games I've been roaming. Had one Monday morning when I was doing a daily challenge of take so many full carcasses to the butcher. I was tracking a dear when I saw a blue dot coning up fast but then slowed when they heard me shoot. I simply turned and waved and they waved back. Off I went hunting next thing I killed 2 more deer and while picking one up I turned round to find the dot putting the other deer that had died a few feet away on my horse. Once they saw me picking mine up they put it on there own horse. Once I got back to the butcher there they were waiting. Once I took mine off to take to the butcher. They took the other off there horse and stowed it on mine. I left the lobby and forgot to say thank you. But it does go to show there are good players on this game.
  6. Stranger missions not Starting. Stupid question but but do I put that under bug or feedback. That's my only gripe about the game.
  7. #1 With the exception of I don't grief or intercept missions. But do love to throw some fishing in the mix.
  8. Good ideas. Just need r* to help people out with it. I wish I could change mine. I rushed him thinking I wouldn't really play the game. If I knew then how much I love this game I would have to my time with him. Yeah totally agree 5 bars sounds better.
  9. It might be be a different one. But I watched a video on YouTube last night saying that r* have already patched a cougar exploit and anyone that basically took the pi** will have any money took off them.
  10. I played the closed beta for about 10 or 15 minutes. Played just like the first more or less. I did enjoy the original but couldn't get into the dark zone after level 30.then got sick of doing missions on hard. Anyway came across 2 tonight that killed me then then logged off. First one. He came along blue in colour and just killed me. I think it was him who as soon as he killed me it came up parley however spelt then came up cancelled as he'd quit. He went straight to a ufc game. The 2nd was funny. I was doing a stranger mission delivering a wagon. He came along and killed me and stole the wagon. He delivered it as I wasn't far away from the destination. Then once he completed it. He messaged saying "I'm so sorry". My reply was "yeah whatever". I just couldn't be bothered. He then messaged back with " I only got 1.60" I couldn't resist replying with "I'm sorry sorry. Here let me give you another 5 dollors to make it worth your trouble". It just made me chuckle when he said that.
  11. I popped on free roam for about 20 minutes early this afternoon. I literally caught 2 Lake sturgeon for the achievement and there were 6 people in the lobby. I been concentrating on story mode all day apart from that. Nothing to do with the update. Wanna get the story out the way
  12. Eminem. Mainly early stuff. UK hard house. Been around the dance scene since the 80s loved the oldskool break beat hardcore rave from 88 to late 91.now UK hard house is the closest thing to that.
  13. I'm trying to get to Jeremy gills location. Do I have to be on a certain chapter? I'm only at the beginning of chapter 3.my problem is once I get by tall trees every which way I go I'm getting killed by law men. It looks to me now I'm doing something eith wrong or to early in the game. I only want the legendary fish map lo. Then know my luck you can't use it online.
  14. I got the game for Christmas. I wasn't even sure I wanted it, but mates said I'd love the game. I started to play the single player and completed chapter 2. I've done 1 maybe 2 missions on chapter 3. I hit level 30 online late Sunday night. I basically been looking forward to the legendary fishing. So been grinding stranger missions to get there. Im hoping to go back to the story at the weekend. If I can stay off the online multi. I'm trying to find Jeremy Gill (for obvious reasons). Just need to get to him as I can't find him on the map as most of it is blacked out but every way I go I'm killed by lawmen. I have bounties everywhere. I am going to finish the story as so far its been really good. Its just gonna take a while. I feel everything is about multi player nowadays. Most games put everything into the online. But this game does have both. That's probably why I'm not rushing myself to finish single player. Hopefully taking my time won't come back and bite me in the arse by r* bringing out some paid storyline dlc.
  15. I popped on this morning just to look at a couple of things. When I checked the map there were 4 dark red blips that was it. After a couple of seconds a 5th came on that was blue. I forgot what I was looking for and turned it off thinking that must have been exciting with just 4 in the lobby. I don't go out to kill other players and won't buy gold bars just because now and again someone will keep coming at me and I retaliate. I'll pay the bounty if I haven't got the money tough lol.
  16. Ain't you 2 lucky. Being able to use the app. I tried to download it for hours last week but nothings working on any platform I've tried. I won't be on till the weekend so I'll see what happens then. Can I just ask. This games getting so much hate, did gta v online start off like this?. Just that seems to be going strong after all these years. I stopped playing gta at San andreas
  17. I get it often. I just walk out side and keep going back and clicking for the next. If it don't work after 3 times I got to the next nearest stranger. Sometimes you can tell its gonna start by checking the map. If all the other strangers have disappeared it usually start a few few seconds to a minute. Other times Ive walked off and been killed. As soon as I spawn it starts. That's my experiences.
  18. This this a stupid question but is harder to head sh*t someone with a hat on. I don't wear one but will if it is lol. Anyway. I was doing a mission today and someone attacked it. So I moved on to the next. I was watching the cutscene and someone walked in next to me. It was the same person that ruined my last mission. I thought to myself. No not again. A bit sbity and don't normally do it but I waited outside and unloaded my repeater on him. He just kept running rings around me. Eventually I got him hogtide and shot him twice point blank. He just went transparent in front of me got out, jumped on my horse and ride off. All I could do was laugh.
  19. I was doing a canoe mission tonight. I literally had bullets coming from every direction. One person climbed in and pushed me out. I shot them and got back in. Next thing I was being shot at with explosive arrows. Talk about over kill. Someone close even messaged to say they were watching but never attacked, but couldn't see what they were seeing.
  20. Thanks for all the replies guys. I brought the sawn off earlier. That'll have to do for now. Gonna do the duel wield tomorrow. I hope I get this the right way round and the prices about right . The repeater was something like $ 429 but I only had about $ 220. Then the pump was $ 111 but not unlocked till in the lvl 30 odd I think.
  21. I personally haven't really seen any problems my end. I got kicked off the servers a couple of weekends ago about twice but nothing since. A mate today asked me if I'd seen any ship wrecks? When I said no, his reply was that they were just spawning everywhere in fields and on roads. I wish I'd got to see that.
  22. I'm pretty new here. I visit every night while the wife watches her programs on TV and take a look around. I'm not clued up on the game so look to these forums for advice. Just wondered how often you guys or girls visit.
  23. Basically as the title says. I'm not sure wether to buy a shot gun. I always see players on you tube have them so am unsure wether to I need one or not. I try not to get to close to other players if possible. You never know there intension. Plus the amount of times I've been killed by a shotgun. I have wondered if its worth it for close quarters defence. Then if I was to get one which would be the best to get. I'm not sure if there unlocked by level but I'm only level 24.so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  24. I'm with you. A lad at work asked me what I had brought my wife. My answer was nothing. We been together 17 years in July and married 14 in July. I tell her at least twice a day that I lover her and buy her whatever she wants when she wants something. Why should I go out and buy flowers double the price they were the day before or chocolates that will be half price the next day just because someone's says I should.
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