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Missions from strangers not starting in free roam


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Yesterday when I was playing I could talk to  strangers and they will give me some missions but they wont register it will go on indefinitely had to change servers to be able to start any mission whatsoever since the game showed that i was doing a mission which i couldnt  aftger changing servers the same happened a couple times only like one mission in 10 did register and i finished it. if the game gonna be in this state longer than its useless to play it. unplayable i would compare it to something like this

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I have the same issue with Stranger missions never starting. I can walk outside and comeback in and Stranger has another mission for me (which never starts either). I also have the Stranger congratulating me for doing a great job on that last mission, when I return to the Post Office

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I get it often. 

I just walk out side and keep going back and clicking for the next. If it don't work after 3 times I got to the next nearest stranger. 

Sometimes you can tell its gonna start by checking the map. If all the other strangers have disappeared it usually start a few few seconds to a minute. 

Other times Ive walked off and been killed. As soon as I spawn it starts. 

That's my experiences. 

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