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  1. I suggest putting in a ticket with R*, I have one open with them right now about the map issue as well as the enemy despawning from hideouts when it's cleared. The more people put in tickets addressing this issue the better.
  2. It's been a long time since I had a treasure map drop. Since I remade this character I believe I have had only one map drop.
  3. Herons and spoonbill have been very scarce on the servers I have visited, I'm lucky if I see 1-2 herons and I have yet to see any spoonbill since the nerd dropped...I mean the update.😁
  4. I noticed 3* gators dropping 5 cuts of big game meat also.
  5. Update is out....partially , no Evans repeater, rare shotgun not worth it. Hunting has been nerfed and I believe special ammo and headshot xp are gone.
  6. Ever since the 20% xp deal freeroam crapped out, I'm lucky to stay on for more than a minute.
  7. No, just go to your old mount and it should give you an option to swap it to your new horse.
  8. So what you're saying is the Pacific servers stole all our wildlife. 😃
  9. Our posse has a guy that lives in Canada and he has no problems on his servers, so when he is playing we join his game and everything works. It's a workaround for now as long as he is on. So the server issues could be regional, not sure.
  10. And they are adding that new double barrel on the 26th...hmmm. I think I'm going to get that and maybe the new high capacity repeater.
  11. On top of the wildlife issue and no npcs, my game has been crashing every few minutes since this morning. I have to jump to a mission real fast in order to stay on. Freeroam is seriously broken.
  12. I put in another ticket this morning and they got back to me real quick. They said that they are aware of the situation as many people have put in tickets on this. They are trying to identify the problem and put a fix in.
  13. I had to take down a rank six that was pointing his carbine at me as I rode up to the butcher in strawberry today. Point a weapon at me while I'm going to the butcher will guarantee a shot from me.
  14. I went to do a couple of them a while ago and the guy was not where he's supposed to be to give the mission. I guess he had to go to the latrine or something. 😁
  15. Every server I have been on this afternoon have been devoid of wildlife. The only time I have seen wildlife and been able to hunt is during missions. I recommend highly illegal, highly moral at vanhorn. Clear the town part then go hunt near Saint Denis, go sell at butcher and continue mission.
  16. Same thing happened to me, went to 4 different lobbies, no wildlife or npcs around.
  17. Yea,as far as I could tell, we only got 2xp from the npcs we killed in the mission.
  18. Question, why the Litchfield over the lancaster? I see that the Litchfield has more damage but it seems that the lancaster is better every other way. And it's a bit faster locking on target. Really want to know because I have been on the fence about getting one.
  19. The guy was only rank 23, and he kept fading in and out or something like that. When I noticed that I just waited until he got ready to fire before taking my shot. On your situation though, it does sound like explosive rounds...nasty stuff.
  20. I know there are some using something that is preventing them from getting targeted and taking damage, maybe like out of sync with the game. Not sure. And they are to low for slippery bastard.
  21. For me it's the saint Denis butcher followed by the one in strawberry
  22. This is another way people grief others, they lure them into the posse then they remove them so they can kill. They bring you to them instead of having to chase you down. Another reason why I no longer group with randoms.
  23. This is more of an exploit than a boost. They use that specific area because it instantly spawns you in the same spot when you die, therefore you are able to execute each other almost non stop.
  24. "Kill each and everyone" mission seems the best for this 2xp. Although you don't get double for the mission completion, you can still rack up some serious xp. Including the 926xp for completing the mission, I have finished some with anywhere from 1500 to 1750xp total xp.
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