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Single Voice to R* ?


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What about having a "single voice to R*" on features/changes the players on this Forum can form a consensus on?

Could use the polling feature and maybe one of the moderators could use that data to develop a "direct communication" with a R* resource to voice our support and ideas.

Rather being all negative (I'm guilty )hopefully create some good will and help R* come out with incremental updates to keep the players engaged.


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I don't know anyone here on staff who has an inside track to get this information to someone at R* (where it would even make a difference).  However, you're more than welcome to create a poll if you want or simply pitch your ideas to fellow community members for feedback, to drum up support, etc.  Having said that, R* already has a place where folks can submit their feedback and it's here:


If people want their voice to be heard or those of others they feel are not speaking up, they have the perfect opportunity to encourage them to do so there (in a respectful manner of course).  R* already uses that feedback to get a feel or "consensus" as to what their consumers want.  Whether folks feel right, wrong or indifferent about some changes R* has made in RDO, some of those were a direct result of that feedback.

The following is just my personal opinion but when someone pitches a "consensus" poll on a forum, I sometimes find it's more about "concessions" rather than a true look at what people or a segment are asking for. In all honesty, I'd rather voice my unabridged feedback rather than have to compromise due to what is typically a limited list of poll options that are (to be quite honest) not always objectively chosen.  .....and I would rather not be represented by a poll or someone's take on what I or a group of the community value in the game which can sometimes be misconstrued. 

I have no problem with a difference of opinion and I feel everyone should make their voice heard which is why I continually direct them to that site.  


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