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Have you opened a trouble ticket with R*?  


Not everyone is experiencing disconnect issues or if they are, the frequency in which some are seeing.  I'm not sayin it's not an issue as I've had them myself (albeit rare), but you need to make sure to submit a report to R* Support if you want them to know about your case.  

I'm not making any guarantees they'll fix it for you but you really have nothing to lose by doing it.  

Welcome to the forums by the way.

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I have literally only suffered one disconnect, and I've played almost every day since day 1.  I'm pushing 200 hours online.

I'm on Xbox, and have a very good internet connection (average 150mbps), I don't know whether that makes a difference.

Hope something sorts out for you.

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6 minutes ago, Sinedge said:

Looks like I'm sol  because I'm on DSL sad because I play elder scrolls online and several other mmos or online games but this is frustrating can even play anthem np.... thanks rockstar! 

Did you try R* Support like I suggested?  Do you / can you play GTAO without issue?  If so, I would tell them that.

There is always a chance the game will be optimized to the point where you can eventually play though.  .....assuming it's not some issue / deficiency on your end.

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Yeah, I'd try to give them as much detail as possible.  if you're not satisfied with their answer then there is a way you can escalate your trouble ticket after the initial reply.  I've done it once before.

Can't guarantee it will help but for just a few minutes of your time, it certainly can't hurt to try.

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When you submit a ticket ask them to call you to discuss in detail. In my experience they are happy to help.

Look for my post "Constant Disconnects" for my updates with this issue.

I have recently had some luck by choosing Free Roam and if I get disconnected, I try another state like Lemoine, until I can play. This usually works.

R* told me that each lobby uses the best connection that a player in that lobby has. So I deduce by changing lobbies, I get a shot at a more stable connection.

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