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  1. This. I've reinstalled Elite - although I didn't have the nerve to launch last night - I think I need a tutorial refresh!
  2. You get much more for big deliveries. I mean 10x the money, for 4x the goods. Clearly the good people of made-up RDO America haven't been to economics classes to learn about economies of scale and price elasticity in plentiful resources.
  3. Agreed. Character name, rather than gamertag, should be the default, imo.
  4. It's been said before, but... a chair. When I'm having a fight in Valentine saloon, I want to be able to hit someone with a chair. Is that too much to ask?
  5. 100% I was rather excited to get one for my character, but as others say, the model isn't sized correctly. I wondered whether it was just my avatar - 'athletic' sized girl but it sounds like a more general problem. I remember in the beta there was a similar-ish issue with some of the hats - some were too small, and part of your hair stuck out through the side/back and then they tried to solve that (I think) by making the hat models bigger - some of them turned into giant comedy hats. They haven't got the scaling/positioning right on some of these things 😕
  6. I need to get back into Elite, too - my interest waned once I got my Asp 100% kitted out with everything I wanted - it was my dream ship since the 80's, when you could only have your Cobra Mk.III, and getting it perfect felt like the complete journey. I switched the game on the other day and literally couldn't remember how to operate my ship. Fortunately I took one of my Imperial Eagles out, rather than the Asp, so the financial pain wasn't too bad when I stacked it into the space station shortly after launch. Having literally played nothing but RDR since the day it dropped, I have found my enthusiasm diminished since the moonshiner update. I was away for a couple of days over Christmas and lost my streak, just re-hit 7 days again, and its feeling like a chore.
  7. I hoped that this was going to be a thread about introducing Penny Farthing bicycles to the streets of St Denis. 😞
  8. Apologies if that came across as sounding disrespectful - it was the technical nature of the query, rather than the language, that had me stumped. In particular, the quoted bit - "the server only saves data, and the session itself is held by the players as a torrent tracker." 🤔😱
  9. Some people do seem to be insanely good at racing - especially the ones with lots of random targets/checkpoints to hit in any order. There are various places on the net that show you optimal patterns to follow. If you just make it up as you go along (like I do) you're likely to be 2+ minutes behind an optimised map-racer. The straight-out point to point races are more of an equaliser. I've won my fair share of those, primarily by (1) having a quick horse (2) ignoring weapons and other players (3) riding hard and (4) not getting unlucky with a bullet in the back of the head.
  10. A high level of reindeer spawns would be nice.
  11. Happy might be pushing it. I'd settle for "less angry about that one thing"!
  12. I am somewhat excited about this - just finished work, off home to play. Yay for 200Mbps fibre broadband! 2-5 minutes should see it downloaded.
  13. I got to level 20 within a couple of full deliveries with the large wagon - xp goes at an insane rate
  14. I have 2 reproduction cap and ball revolvers, 3rd Model Colt's Dragoon and a Colt 1861 Navy (mechanically almost identical to the 1851, but with the smoothed off lines and round barrel, like a slightly smaller 1860 Army) - both Uberti replicas. Both of them have nodules/raised bumps on the cylinders in between the caps, which are supposed to engage with a notch on the hammer, to lock the cylinder in place and prevent the hammer resting on a cap. However, all of the ones on the Navy and most on the Dragoon have worn so much that they don't work, and you can rotate the cylinder by hand. I think the trouble is that the cylinder is made of mild steel, and the bumps are only small, and get worn away easily when engaging with the hardened steel hammer. If I was carrying either of mine in a holster going about my day to day business, I would only load 5.
  15. Yep, that's them. There are weird anomalies in the rules, though. Lots of things are very severely limited or banned outright, but then, I can own .44 cal lever action rifles, WW2 Lee Enfield bolt actions, semi-auto high power .22 rifles, multiple cap and ball revolvers, thousands of rounds of ammunition and pretty much as many 12G shotguns as I can cram into a cupboard. With the (major, sad) exception of cartridge revolvers, we can own and shoot anything a self-respecting cowboy would want.
  16. Ah, maybe. That would be R* logic - make you spend a bundle of $$$ on something you don't really need, just to unlock something you do. As others have commented, though, once you have the big wagon, money worries largely become a thing of the past, so if you need to buy the medium wagon to get there, its a small price to pay - you won't miss that £500 in a couple of days.
  17. I would hesitate on the medium delivery wagon. I only needed to do 2 runs in that to level up to get the big one. With hindsight, I'd have just done 4 or 5 small wagon runs instead, and saved myself the $500 or whatever I spent on the immediately obsolete medium wagon.
  18. This. I think a detailed ballistic study of the relative merits of 44/40 and 45LC are probably beyond the scope of the game! Just out of interest, last night I blazed off 50 rounds of 44/40 (black powder) through my Uberti replica 1860 Henry rifle (Litchfield repeater in game) and then had a few rounds of 38 special (smokeless) through a friend's 1866 Yellowboy (also Uberti - Lancaster in game). the shooting experience between the 2 was utterly different, but the result at the other end of the range was much the same - stuff with holes in. Who says we can't have fun with guns in the UK?
  19. I've had to odd glitch, where either the thing doesn't seem to be there at all, or you get the heartbeat, but can't find it. On a few occasions, logging out and rejoining has solved the problem (although occasionally moving the search area on the map slightly) and on one or two occasions, the thing just disappeared, and I was told I'd completed the map. On those occasions I've just assumed that Madam Nazar has conned me with a dodgy map, and moved on with my life.
  20. Bounty Hunter takes longer than the rest of the roles, but you still unlock the saddle pretty quickly. One other feature of the game is that you can't switch stirrups between saddles, and you really want better stirrups when you unlock them, so wait until you get access to the saddle you want. I'm lvl 170 and have the reverse dapple silver Nokota (I think its called that - the one with the black face) with the bounty hunter saddle and hooded stirrups. I feel no need for further upgrades.
  21. No accounting for taste, I suppose. To me it looks like when my cat has been sick on a patterned rug! 🤠🙀 🤮 The blue is definitely the least bad of the bunch, though.
  22. But it's so damned ugly! For style points the Bounty Hunter special saddle looks nicer (a bit too bling, but never mind) and isn't too far behind on performance (with hooded stirrups also, of course). My silver Nokota isn't blessed with the top stamina in the game, but at lvl 4 bonding and careful use of the left stick click, she can sprint from one end of the map to the other without running out of puff using that setup.
  23. I was finding Yukon Nik a bit frustrating, seems that anything that could go wrong did - once I got to the stage of bringing him alive, I twice had the situation where I disabled him, picked him up, and when the next gang wave turned up, I dropped him, he fell on his head and died. I did like releasing the bears, though and letting them clear out the gang. I did feel a bit bad once - on one play through one of them was still in his cage at the end. I let him out and he immediately mauled a bypasser to death. Slightly embarrassing.
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