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I got a new iPad yesterday and while I was redownloading all my apps, I came across a app called “Unofficial map for RDR2”. It’s really well done and helps a lot with both story & online. Anything you can find, do or loot in the story is shown exactly where on the map. It really comes in handy for online’s daily challenges when you can’t find a certain plant or are looking for a hideout to clear. But if you haven’t beat the story yet the maps blips give info on every indicator, so spoiler alert. Anyways I’m new here but I hope this helps someone 🤙

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On 3/14/2019 at 3:01 AM, Foxtrot said:

This seems to be an app version of the extremely useful rdr2map.com.

Nice find!

I was going to ask.

That rdr2map is great, I keep a laptop next to me on a table so I can see it as I play, so if I am ever stuck and frustrated looking for a certain mt path or cliff etc.. I can just pause and zoom in on the map on my rdr2map, it is very helpful.

Ive never played a game where I used a map, or device to assist outside of the game, but this really made the experience better for me, that map is great and if you buy the full version for $5 you can save notes, your progress, decide to show roads or not show found items or not, etc.. very well put together app/program

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I keep a laptop on a tv tray, next to me on the couch when I play so I alwasy have my laptop available to me, great for looking up a video or article or something while playing.

When I was playing the single payer it was much more important, now I use it when I am bored or to look up something on the fly.


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