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Shout out for your favorite canine!


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For me, it's the Australian Shepard.  There are a couple of variations (coats) in the game. 

Please join me in a campaign to get R* to allow us to have (buy) our own guard dogs to guard our camps.  True, this is mostly cosmetic.  The dog isn't going to attack anyone and since it's in your camp it should be immune to being shot and killed.  However, what if it just kind of wandered the camp and walked the perimeter, and could alert you (if you're in camp) when a game animal wanders close or a stranger comes riding nearby.  (At greater range than your mini-map)  The dog might bark or "point" in the direction of the game or interloper.  At the very least, it would just be a friend to welcome you when you return from the range.  Lord knows, Cripps is pretty useless in this dept.  (teaching Cripps a new song besides camp town races is my next campaign)

Anyway, maybe it's just me.  But if you like the idea, please send a shout out to R* on the idea.  We need a four legged partner in camp!



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