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  1. Woah, hold on! . I don't play on passive, at all. Here's one thing we agree on --I, too, like the sense of a good challenge, so I do not change to defensive because I feel it defeats the Wild West Theme (that's just me). A lot of us aren't getting to triple digit lvls because we were on passive mode --it was just recently implemented. I think the option is there, and rightly so, because it encourages more people into RDO. FYI, no worries, btw, I thought we were having a healthy chat, you didn't offend me! 😄 Very, very good point! I think implementation of consequences for being a magnum dong, and griefing everyone, is a great idea. There are THOUSANDS of games where PvP is the core of the game, a Wild West game that gives you options to hunt, fish, and possibly farm, shouldn't be on that list. This is why there are separate events, like Showdowns and whatnot. They created such breathtaking sceneries, took a lot of time adding a huge database of animals of all species --surely there's more to this game than just PvP, you know?
  2. I definitely agree with this 100% In the end R* is listening to its' quarterly reports on revenue; in the end R* is listening to their shareholders/investors, I doubt they're thinking about the fairness of griefers, when the majority of players are not griefers. If finding ways to reduce griefers means more players, in-turn more money, R* will take that position. At the end of the day, R*/Take-Two is a company and they're always going to be in favor of more revenue coming their way, and not about the fairness of a digital world, and what socio-economic ideology they should implement. If the majority are bitching about griefing, and activities that encourage griefiing (the old daily challenges), R* will listen, and has. That's my two-cents anyway, just to add-on to Lumpers reply.
  3. They look great on the back of your horse --it's like you upgraded your 'backseat' to leather, haha 😄
  4. Yeah, I'll be reporting this to R*, definitely.
  5. Yeah, I thought so too! But I guess Poker was getting a lot of traffic that I didn't realize I was still 'active', even though it said I was Matchmaking. Hopefully it was a glitch, though...
  6. I completely agree with you on the lvl range -- a lot of them are lvl 14/15 or so, that I've encountered. One thing I don't agree is that I don't think the guy who was outright brawling with me, when I was loading into Poker, was testing his oats, lol. I'm pretty laid back, but even that just got to me --I tried finding him on multiple servers so I could shoot his horse (he probably wouldn't have insurance), and I'm an honorable player! Oh well.
  7. Ever since this update and removal of Beta I have been grief'd nonstop 😓 It's just really, really, getting to me *sigh* I was Matchmaking to a Poker game and some stupid, pre-pubescent, shrilly kid started punching me --I couldn't do anything about it because I was loading into a game. Really ****ing annoying </rant>
  8. Yep, I find the Evans slow, as well. But, I think it's better used for PvE, clearing hide-outs and stranger missions. I think the Lancaster is great for PvP. The Evans does hold more bullets, it's got a jumbo clip, but the long reloading time may not be good for PvP. I appreciate both and I have all the repeaters --I use the Lancaster more often, though.
  9. Yeah, it was two blue screen CE's for me, as well.
  10. Yep. I had two crashes last night, as well.
  11. Yeah, I kinda have to agree, I don't think R* would expend much energy into licensing fake gambling overseas, especially if the procedure for licensing is not easily accessible --or if Poland considers fake gambling still a form of gambling and therefore an entity would still need licensure. I'm not familiar with the politics in Poland but my guess is that this has nothing to do with the morality of gambling but rather keeping revenue flowing within Poland's boundaries, so to speak, and their ways of handling this situation.
  12. Yeah, I was curious about Poland and gambling, so I did some research. I think it has nothing to do with gambling itself; I think the reason has to do with RDO being an International company and Poland has strict laws that try to make it tougher for international companies to enter the market there. Gambling is legal there and there are sites in Poland where you can gamble using Polish gambling companies who have acquired Polish licenses. I'm sure this has to do with R* being an international entity and therefore much stricter policies/laws are in place . Currently, I read that Poland is now allowing (2015) foreign remote gambling websites/operators to apply for licenses --the question is how easily accessible are these licenses and would R* need to acquire a license because they aren't entirely a gambling operator, you know? Maybe R* is looking into this with countries like Poland. R* has to have 'sub-agencies' or departments that handle localization logistics of that country, respectfully.
  13. Maybe it's because in RDO you're playing with real people, so it must be more to it than real/fake currency, maybe...
  14. I think a high stakes table would be so, so great. That would definitely weed out some people who are blindly poking buttons, not knowing what to do. I had a few encounters like this and it just got annoying. This is exactly what was happening. I'm sure R* will implement something for serious players, in the near future.
  15. I noticed the buy-ins kept going up. I was in Valentine when the buy-in was 25$ --sheesh. I'm not really one to gamble either but Poker is a pretty fun game --I wonder if you're able to talk over the mic during a Poker session? I was tempted, haha. Good strategy, Kean_1, it's always good to have cash on hand. I'm too irresponsible with my money, haha.
  16. Main/Second: Switch between Springfield , Bolt Action Rifle, Litchfield, Semi-Auto Shotgun (full upgrades + split bullets for Springfield and Bolt) Hands: Switch between Mauser Pistol + Volcanic, or Volcanic + Volcanic (full upgrades + always split bullets for Mauser and Express for Volcanic) Yesterday I used the LeMat + Volcanic (full upgrades, always split for LeMat and Express for Volcanic) I -only- use explosive bullets when someone is griefing me. I used to use the Sawed Off Shotgun but I'm usually a long range shooter, or prefer shooting at longer ranges with PvP. Still good guns, though.
  17. Yep! I love it! I spent most of the night, yesterday, playing poker, haha. I had a few good hands, surprisingly! One of them being a nice Ace + King --woo!
  18. This actually happened to me, a month ago, with my horse. Whenever I would stable my horse and bring it out at a later time, all cores were drained. I don't know if it's still happening since I typically just use my Black Arabian now. The most annoying glitch is your Horse Bonding Lvl returning to 1, from time to time, but I digress.
  19. I can show you around if you're interested I'm pretty boring though, haha. I'm not in the UK, I'm in Texas, so hours might be a bit off. I like your avatar, btw --love Lemmings! Ciao~
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