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  1. I put a password on my PS4 also. I've had people laugh at me over it too. But I still do it. I have two anecdotal stories to share on this topic. Years ago a buddy of mine had his PS4 stolen. He didn't think that much about it until the person who stole it used my friends account to buy games for their ill gotten console. More recently, my brother was in a bind and pawned his PS4. He fully intended to go pick it back up after he was paid but well, he forgot. The next time he remembered was when I gave him a call to ask him when he had decided to start playing Fortnight. He hadn't. Someone had bought his PS4 from the Pawn shop and was playing on my brother's account. I had to inform him, "No dude, I'm watching you play Fortnight, right now!" Anyway, yeah. Password your console. Cuz ya never know...
  2. There's enough PvP in this game to choke a horse. (see what I did there?) No comments on the state of PvP play of course. Could be good, bad, ugly, indifferent. It doesn't matter. There's plenty of it. What I want is for R* to figure out ways to encourage more grouping, more cooperative play in Free Roam and beyond. Like for instance, make forming a posse easier, faster, more "on the fly". Maybe have the O'Driscles (sp?) occasionally descend onto Valentine to rob the main street and only the combined efforts of Outlaws across the land have a chance of driving them back out. To the OP's original point, not everything has to be done with brand new cinematic created for it. But finding ways to get folks in Free Roam to "interact" with one another positively as part of the world dynamic should be a priority. IMO.
  3. Born and raised on a ranch in Texas, I can tell you that those folks who wear their pants tucked in are called "sh*t kickers". We have a saying for those folks. "All hat and no cattle." Not saying I never tucked my pants into my boots. But if I did it was for a specific reason and didn't last once that chore was completed. Female clothing in RDO is fine. It's the male clothing that is not designed to fit properly on the female frame. Most coats especially, just look like your female character is walking around in a potato sack. I just don't wear them. Some of the newer coats fit better and the ones designed for the female toons are fine also. Well, PVP may be an afterthought but it sure as hell gets a lot more attention than any cooperative play. I wish we could more easily form up temporary Posse's to perform specific missions, and events. Sort of just like the invite process for the story missions only expanded for bounty hunting, moonshine missions, etc. Just take the hassle out of finding cooperative folks to accomplish missions and the like with. And while they're at it, add more cooperative play styles. The biggest failure in this game, imo., is the near total lack of strong and lasting cooperative play and goals. (Outside of pvp) Well, that and all of the damn bugs. The game is hardly playable atm, if you ask me.
  4. I've started to figure out the camp spawn locations as well. Where the camp spawns depends almost exclusively on where you are when you call for your camp. So long as the area isn't already taken by other campers. It took me a while to figure out, but I can now pretty consistently land the camp spot I want every time, so long as it isn't already taken. But to do this you have to pay attention to where you are when you call for your camp and then where it spawns. Move to another area and call the camp again, may have to send it to another state first, and then see where it lands on the next call for camp. Rinse and repeat until you find the "area" that you need to be in to call a camp to land where you want it. In other words, it's not nearly as "random" as you might think. For instance, if I want a particular camp spawn in (my secret) area, I know to ride out just north of there, almost to the (my secret) border to call for the camp. East, West, North, South - Your map position matters when you make the call. Obviously, I only have a couple few memorized at this point. But I keep paying attention to try and add more confirmed areas to get the spawn spots I want to keep coming back to. Well, that is, until it just disappears, or crashes, or wont spawn at all, etc,. etc. Happy Camping!
  5. I am currently leveling up Gift of Focus II, Live for the Fight II, and Kick in the Butt II (simultaneously) > all in an effort to keep Slow and Steady up and running for as long as possible in a protracted shoot out. And regain it quickly if it runs out. So far I am pretty happy with the result. When all 3 cards get to level III it should be pretty awesome. Kick in the Butt increased to lvl II first, then Live for the fight. Once Gift of focus went to lvl II, it did feel like both Kick in the butt and the regen rate of Live for the fight also improved. Not much mind you. But still noticeable. I already have An Eye for an Eye at lvl III. But I want to try and determine which is better between eye for an eye (requiring me to land a head shot for more deadeye), or Kick in the Butt, where there's less deadeye restored but I get shot more often than I make head shots on all of my attackers, as a rule. (law of averages) Hope this helps!
  6. I logged in a couple of mornings ago and found my camp right where I left it near Big Valley. As I rode out to look for animals to hunt I was astounded by how many there were. I could barely go a couple hundred yards from camp before I would come across herds, yes really, herds, of deer (4-6 at a time) or pairs of Elk, everywhere. At one point, as I road out once again after dropping off pelts, I immediately ran into a Cougar and was lucky enough to get the drop on him before he could get the drop on me. Nice! Riding back, I see a black bear across the narrow river and begin to head his way. Suddenly, I am set upon by 4 wolves, seemingly spawned in out of nowhere. I dispatch them quickly enough and see the black bear beginning to make a hasty exit. I fire at him and hit, he drops immediately. I am still on this side of the river from him and from behind me I hear a blood curdling ROAR. Not 5 feet from me is a big beastly Grizzly Bear and it's at this point my luck runs out. The monster gets a hold of me and I am dead in seconds. Luckily, I didn't lose the cougar. So, in one outing from camp, in a span of about, maybe, 2 minutes I ran into a Cougar, 4 wolves, a black bear and a Grizzly. It was glorious! I told my wife, "This is why I love Read Dead!" Afterward I continued to hunt for a couple more hours and made 2 or 3 full deliveries. Then, after a while, I noted the first blue blip on my radar. Then another, shortly after. Within a half hour of their arrival on my map all of the animals dried up. That was about two weeks ago or so. I haven't been able to fill one wagon since. /sigh Come on R*. This is such a great game. When it's working. Please fix it.
  7. Zoo Keeper. You get to open up a zoo where you can let visitors look at the animals that have all apparently gone extinct in free roam. You won't be able to hunt them mind you. But at least you can look back and fondly remember when there used to be animals in the world.
  8. So, I did finally finish the moonshiner role. Not because I enjoyed it though. Just so I could complete it and never repeat it. Love the new horse btw. I did exactly what I said above. Start the Mash. Go into the bar and set a timer. Read a book. When timer goes off 10 minutes before mash completes, add flavor. (this helps make sure your buyer doesn't change or disappear before moonshine is ready) Deliver the moonshine. Return to shack, rinse and repeat. This helped to minimize the bugs and glitches as I didn't do anything else to get in the way or come and go from the shack during the process except on delivery runs. And the book isn't bad either. After lvl 10 and onward I did start to make some money in the process. But hardly worth the aggravation and boredom. I will probably repeat the Maggie missions quite a lot. They were a lot of fun. And if it glitches out on me now it's no loss to progress. Other than that, my moonshine days are over. Good riddance. Completed my outlaw pass as well. Love the rebel poncho. Will definitely be sporting it on July 4th. Who knows, maybe by then there will be animals to hunt again.
  9. Start making mash... Play poker = No mash progression. Do Maggie mission = No mash progression. Do any other mission = no mash progression. (and risk mash reset and lose your money) So what does that leave? Hunting in free roam. Oh, that's right, there's no animals to hunt. Collect the same damn cards, bottles, flowers, jewelry... again. and again... *yawn*. -or- sit on your keaster for 45-60 minutes doing nothing. (I've started reading a book between runs) Is this what R* intended with this role? Do this and nothing else or all production progress stops? What kind of bullsh*t is that? Can't even go down to the local saloon and play some poker for an hour while you wait for Pepe la talks alot to finish the mash? That's absolutely stupid. bah.
  10. Well, I've about had it with this game. I am sick of playing in a waste land. I see more players than animals. I try to move to a new session and I get endless spinning wheels, rinse and repeat. Try a Legendary mission for a solo lobby, birds everywhere, no pelt animals. I have spent more hours hunting nothing and just getting frustrated and quitting than I have spent enjoying the game. By far. And this has been going on for at least two months. I tried just losing myself in the moonshine role, since I've completed the others, but it's such a boring, time sink. First do a mission to reduce the cost. Then wait 45-60 min for the moonshine to be made. You literally have to set a timer to go back to the shack just before the moonshine is ready to pick a flavor. If you do it too early the customers will change after you've already set the flavor. Or someone else will sell to the customer order you chose if theirs finishes first. And you're offered a half price sale. So best to wait until 15 minutes before finished and then pick a customer/flavor. Wouldn't be so bad if you could hunt for 30-45 minutes while you wait, but most of the time I just spend riding around in the same wasteland again, with nothing to hunt. So, essentially I am sitting around with my thumb up my keaster between moonshine steps the whole way. What fun. Add to that the constant bugs that were introduced since the moonshiner update and it's just not fun anymore. Seriously, every time I play there's some stupid bug. Weapons disappearing, weapons filling my horse inventory when I left it all in a locker, a bison standing in the field that you can shoot 50 times and he doesn't even move, wardrobe malfunctions, moonshine progress reset to zero, on and on and on... I want to just say "Hey, it was a bad night/session. Tomorrow will be better." But it's not better. Two plus months and every day it's the same frustrating crap. Why such a crappy attitude? Because tonight was no different. Just like last night and the night before. I've had it with this horsesh!t.
  11. Well done! Did you get the face right (the way you wanted) on the first try? Again, great job.
  12. Can someone please help me understand what the hell is going on with Moonshine deliveries? Here is my scenario... 1. $50.00 for Medium Strength moonshine. 2. Check special orders. Two people buying flavor "x" for $158.00/ next buyer reset in over an hour. Set Flavor. 3. Moonshine completes - No one is buying it now. Best offer $72.00 4. Decide to wait for buyer reset, see if someone will offer higher price. 5. Buyers reset. Moonshine is gone! Nothing to deliver. $50.00 to start over again. 6. Log out and go watch football. I do not understand what the dynamic is here. Can someone explain how the buyers and orders work? Was it just a bug that wiped out my completed moonshine or did I miss some kind of Window to sell?
  13. Yeah, so far for me the Moonshiner role has just been a huge aggravation. For instance, I pay $50 cash for Mash, wait 30 minutes for completion and then I have to do the delivery mission before I can pay for more mash. Meaning I have to leave, go make the delivery and then come back again in order to buy the mash to start the next batch for distilling. Why? If he's out of mash, he's out of mash. Why can't I buy more? Why do I have to make a delivery and then come back to buy more mash? I could have the next batch 30% of the way made by the time I finished the delivery run. I could stop and have a poker game or hunt for the rest of the time I waited maybe. But no. Come back after and we'll let you buy more. grrrr... The bootlegging missions crash upon launch way too often. And the only way out is to reboot the whole game again. I won't do them anymore. The story missions don't crash "as much" but anyway... Maggie glitches all of the time too. The revenue encounters along the roads and such are lame. The only reason they are challenging is because the game spawns in new revenue men all around you from out of nowhere. Makes me miss the days when you could see the posse coming for you in the distance. OH! And let me tell you, the Grizzlies is NOT the place to set up your shack. Every road is surrounded by tight trees, lots of rocks and boulders, narrow wooden bridges to cross deep gorges, over mostly mountainous rugged trails. I don't know if the other delivery areas are any better but I do not think they could possibly be worse. So far, I'm pretty sure I have lost more money than I have made moon shining. Between the Mash fees, damaged deliveries and the amount of ammo and gun oil I've gone through fighting the revenue collectors... if I've made any money at all, it isn't much and as I look at the progress rewards for all of this repetitive effort, and aggravation... meh. And why am I forced to use my coupons? If I want to pay a buck or two to fast travel a short distance I don't want to be forced to use a free travel coupon that would be better used when I actually need to travel a much greater distance costing more money. I really wanted to enjoy this update. Instead, I'm thinking it would just be a great day to go outside and wash the car. Think I might.
  14. Ok, yeah it seems I was a little premature on the animal assessment. When I initially logged in I saw a lot of free roam animals about, but as the session went on, this clearly was not the case. This is very disappointing to say the least. This issue, on it's own, is enough to cause me to not want to log in. Log in, ride around for a half hour to 45 minutes looking for game, finding nothing and logging back out. Waste of time. But hey, if I can't hunt at least now I can bootleg right? This morning I logged back in and the Moonshine Shack was gone. Am I supposed to pay another $250 dollars to set it back up again? WTF? Logged back out and then logged back in again at Camp and the moonshine shack reappeared where it was supposed to be. Of course my Camp moved halfway across the state in this process. /sigh Fine. Ride back across the state back to the shack again... still no animals. Still, I've been playing online games for years, this isn't all that uncommon after a big content patch. I suspect we will get another patch in a week or two to fix. Well, maybe not the animals.
  15. That is a lot of "fixes". Well done. I can attest to seeing a lot more animal spawns. Will take time to know if it scales across region/states. So far, the new Moonshiner missions are very cool. Now, less typing and more bootlegging...
  16. Blued Steel with Gold engravings, Ironwood grip in dark rose varnish and the rattlesnake carving. They're gorgeous.
  17. Yep. I use a small scope on my Varmint rifle. Most critters are fairly close but the scope helps to get the head shot sometimes when their partially obscured or whatever. I use the medium scope on my other rifles except for the sniper which has the long scope. The longer the scope the more accurate at range it seems to me, mostly comparing the medium scope to the long scope on the different rifles and at different ranges. But, unless you are trying to target something very far away the long scope isn't much use under normal circumstances. It's there when I need it but I rarely do.
  18. Agreed. I just don't always land the head shot. So, when I don't, my experience is that the high velocity ammo does less (or no) damage to the pelt. Alternately, if it's a body shot with express ammo, it almost always degrades the pelt. So, I use the high velocity. And if I get the head shot, even better.
  19. I only use the long scope on my sniper rifle. I'm not 100% certain of this but I believe when you use the long scope on a rifle you can only sight in with the scope. Meaning, on the small and medium scopes you can alternate between using the scope or not using the scope. On a rifle with a long scope you are forced to use the scope and can't sight in targets without it.
  20. I use the Springfield (and Varmint) for hunting and the Bolt Action (and Lancaster) for fighting. With the Bolt Action I am using Express Rounds. With the Springfield I am using High Velocity rounds. My experience is that express rounds degrade the pelt most of the time while high velocity rounds usually preserve the quality much better. A little less damage, but a cleaner kill. I find it is much easier and faster to switch from one rifle to the other, than it is to switch ammo versions within the same rifle. (at least on the fly) With all ammo types available to cycle through, it's just faster and easier to keep the right ammo in the right weapon and switch them (the rifles) out with fewer button presses and errors. Sometimes I would accidentally land on the wrong ammo type if I am in a rush and blow the poor dear into smithereens, or worse, forget to switch the ammo back again and realize I am PVPing with the wrong ammo. Two rifles, two uses, much easier and efficient. And frankly, from my experience, they are each better suited for those roles. For me at least. YMMV.
  21. Two things... (maybe) 1. When you first pull up the Big Game meat in the crafting menu it only presents the "plain big game" recipe, unless you use your d-pad to the left or right to show you the other big game recipes for mint, thyme, and oregano. 2. If you already have the big game meat made and max filled your pack you will not be allowed to make more until more space is available. Just the first two things that came to mind as I have not seen any issues recently. Hope it helps.
  22. That's not it. Not sure what it is, but that's not it. As I fought in vain all day Saturday to get a camp up and running, I was traveling back and forth, up and down, the long valley river in Big Valley. There were at least 5-6 different camp locations open the entire time. None of the normal camp spots were in use on my server. I know, because I have camped them all. In the Big Valley alone there must be a dozen or more camp locations. From the north river valley all the way down to south of Strawberry. All I was looking for was one. And there were plenty of spots open. In short, the spots were not "occupied" by anyone for most of the day. The game simply would not allow me to pitch a camp, period. And on the off chance that one did get through the code to get set up, it would crash on me in short order. IT'S BROKE.
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