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  1. The lockbox is in online mode. You are in story mode.
  2. It has been a frustrating year in the game with all the issues still persisting. At least Beta gave us something to look forward to in go live. Just didn't know it would be New and exciting 0x2xxx codes that mean nothing. Oh. and clothes. We had such high hopes. Feels like someone kicked my dog at times.
  3. Wish I could fire Cripps and hire his lazy brother. Maybe he would not be so quick to pack up camp.
  4. Thank you for the update Kean_1. As always, this is much appreciated.
  5. Shoot at the NPC but not hit him. He will turn red. Then lasso and drag him.
  6. Nice! Grief the cheaters by making them all get stuck on the Island. No way off. I like the way you think.
  7. I pay to have my honor lowered so I can complete the low honor missions. I just like to have all the content.
  8. That would assume R* can differentiate the honest 139K I have earned vs the players that use game glitches to earn money. If R* can't do that then only cheaters would be able to get the boat.
  9. I would rather see game / bug fixes before any more new content. Still have Cripps packing up camp or not setting camp. No animals when he does setup camp. Makes the trader role useless or very difficult to fill up Cripps IMO.
  10. I hate that it also switches the position of my shoulder and back weapons.
  11. I have entered my shack several times with nobody inside except the band. The other day I decided to have a drink by myself in the empty bar. All the sudden everyone appeared. Odd. I must have been drunk?
  12. Welcome Marc and howdy pardner
  13. They are magic bandoleers. They float!
  14. I'd be happy of Old Cripps just spawned my camp when and where I wanted.
  15. What do you think is taking too long in the game besides bug fixes and patches? I have found everything quick and easy.
  16. It shouldn't take me 6 months to top the role out but at the same time I shouldn't be able to top it out with a power push over a grindy couple days over the weekend either.
  17. I think the levels are too easy to obtain. Now with the Outlaw Pass they are even easier. Also the Role levels are a joke. Grind for a day and your done.
  18. Report them to both R* and your PS or XBox if you play on either of those platforms. I know they do look at these as my sons friend got banned and lost his account access to the game for repeated ill behavior. He got a warning and didn't adhere to the it. I am sorry you had such a terrible experience. I hope this doesn't deter you from continuing to play as this can be a wonderful experience. What platform do you play on?
  19. You will have a hard time narrowing down the actual server IP. This is because R* is using Akamai's "Content Delivery Network". The CDN is a bank of servers around the globe that receive your request for content. They then contact the actual servers for the data then caches it. This speeds up response times to users and frees up requests from the actual servers. Hope that explains it.
  20. Animal spawns are a bit low to be filling up Cripps in a timely manner but how often are you run down by animals in the RW? If you are roll playing and hunting. When animals are far and few between, it is more realistic. I may only run across a few dear in an hour of hunting but in real life isn't it sometimes even worse?
  21. With no fast travel or camp for 20 minutes. Oh wait Cripps already handles the no camp issue.
  22. You have to equip the off hand holster now for duel wielding.
  23. Maybe a possible upgrade in the future.
  24. Has anyone had a Cripps delivery pay out full amount to all posse members? I had this happen 2 times this weekend. Not sure if this is part of the new Outlaw Pass or a freak occurrence.
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