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Lady Slipper Orchids and getting rid of dreamcatcher on tasks list

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I have a couple of questions-first, is it needed for 100% completion and/or add to the compendum to get all 7 of the lady slipper orchids? Also, i have gotten all the dreamcatchers, but it is still showing on my tasks list if i hit left on the d-pad, and everything for it is checked


Thanks in advance!

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You have to "Solve" the dreamcatchers mission to get this off your list.  You might have to Google that one as it's not easy to guess or find.

For the lady slippers, you only need to give the requisite amount to Algernon Wasp, as well as all the other junk that he requests.  You need to complete all of his requests to gain 100%.

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I think the dreamcatcher one is a glitch. I played the SP all the way through twice, found all dreamcatchers and solved it but it was never removed from the list either time. When I click on that mission it is showing that it was solved.

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