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Brilliant red light in Bayou Nwa?


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I was passing through Bayou Nwa eariler when I happened upon one of those ivy walls or whatever you would call them (basically, they look like walls if they were completely overgrown with vegetation) when all of a sudden this brilliant red light started shining out from behind one of those ivy walls connecting two trees. It couldn't have been the sun because it was after 2 AM game time and the light was definitely coming from the ground behind said wall. I don't think it was a lighting glitch because just as the light appeared, ominous music started playing. When I went to investigate the light, it promptly disappeared and the ominous music stopped. Along the main road on the small peninsula touching the "Y" in "Lemoyne" on the map is where this happened. Unfortunately, I didn't have the wherewithal to get a screengrab of it.

Has anyone seen anything that resembles what I'm describing? I skimmed through my guide and of all the creepy things in the swamp listed in it, there was nothing like it. I've also done a search online and found nothing. I'm beating myself up right now for not getting a screengrab because I feel like I might have actually been the first person to discover something in the game.

On a side note, I really need to stay out of Bayou Nwa at night... 😨

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