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Bounty Hunter Challenges Today


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My BH Challenges today are: 2 West Elizabeth Bounties; Loot 2 Bounties; Take down 2 bounties with Bolas.

Awesome I thought - having just unlocked the bolas I can do all 3 challenges in 2 bounty hunts. Nope, this is R*.

Took the 2 WE bounties but looting & bolas didn't count. Ok, so I take another 2 bounties, looting works but still nothing on the bolas. I do another thinking maybe the target has to be on the run for the bolas to count but still no joy - I even cut him loose a couple of times to try different things to get it to work. What am I doing wrong with bolas??

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On 9/22/2019 at 7:44 AM, narmin said:

the bounty hunter is a great bug.... today 4 Mission and 3 x 0 Points - 7 Missions and 1 x Points ...??? is bullshi*

if that continues, i'm only level 20 at Christmas ...

The ironic part is, the XP is still being awarded to the character for those missions because my Outlaw Pass is still leveling up quickly while doing these bounty hunter missions.  It's just the profession tracker that's bugged.

I wonder if it's an issue where the XP is being applied to the Outlaw Pass and not the profession progression.  

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