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Windows DEP (possible fix for random crashing)


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I had no problem at launch but recently I've started to get random CTD's. 
Sometimes after a couple of minutes, sometimes after couple of hours.

Today i found this post on reddit.
I'll try it when home from work tonight, but some people with the same issues have some sucess with it.

Thought i just post it here if someone else also dare to test.


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Reposting what was in the link since the text in the OPs post was a little tough to read with the grey on grey text.


WARNING: Disabling DEP can be dangerous. The issue is, RDR2.exe is a 64-bit program, so we can't add an exception for it within the DEP settings. It would need to be disabled. But that's bad news, because DEP is what helps protect Windows programs from being exploited. It tries to only let programs access portions of system memory that they're supposed to access, and nothing more.

When an application tries to access system memory that it shouldn't have access to, or inject information into that system memory, DEP will reject that access, likely causing a fault in the application.

Also, disabling it makes your system more vulnerable by several magnitudes to memory injection exploits. So, all of that being said, you really shouldn't disable DEP, as the game accessing portions of system memory that it's not supposed to could cause corruptions in your system, or in the game itself, causing other faults and issues. It might help keep your game from crashing, but I really don't think it's worth disabling it.

The other issue is, is that even if we disable DEP, it doesn't mean the poor coding in RDR2 isn't going to still cause a crash. It just means that DEP won't be the reason anymore. Something else down the line will fail instead. RDR2 is still accessing system memory that it shouldn't and corrupting it, causing faults in the application, and if it is accessing system memory that it shouldn't, it could corrupt other applications or systems resources, which could send you down a whole other rabbit hole of issues to address.

So, all-in-all, this is good information to know, and hopefully Rockstar devs have figured it out and are working on the code, but there's honestly nothing we can do to fix it. That's up to Rockstar at this point. And if I know Rockstar, and I think I do, they're pretty slow at patching their games. But who knows, maybe all of the negative media and outcry on the internet will light a fire under their collective asses. They have to be hemorrhaging money at this point with all of the refunds.

Something we CAN do is everyone send in a support ticket outlining the information here, asking to have it sent to the developers. If they haven't figured it out (I'm sure they have), then at least we maybe accomplished something with this information.

Besides, I've had a lot of luck simply setting RDR2.exe priority to "High" in Task Manager: Task Manager > Details Tab > RDR2.exe > Priority > High

As far as what to look for when your game is crashing, per instructions here, I found this information:

You may have to go into Event Viewer and sift through the logs for Event ID 1000. If you find one, it may look like this:

  • Event ID : 1000 - DEP Error : Generic Host Process for Win32 Services - DEP :

  • Application Error

  • Event Type: Error

  • Event Source: Application Error

  • Event Category: (100)

  • Event ID: 1000

This is the RDR2.exe error for when it crashes:

Post image

Thanks to u/wungobungo521 for pointing this out.

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