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  1. Same but I checked and do not see the option. Have to make some horse meat in order to put them in the order you want. It is a minor annoyance in my book compared to other things wrong with the game.
  2. No luck with animals for me yet but I don't think the released an update for it. Just minor fixes. Maybe they are prepping for it. Just sucks cause I love hunting. Anyways, just been trying to level up as best I can when the game allows for it.
  3. Just use summon like mentioned. It would be more of a pain and a hassle to do it another way. I get what you are saying but the best solution was given I feel.
  4. Is if fair to report two players who keep following me everywhere? They wait until I am about to do something and then kill me every time. It is annoying. I had to deal with it for an hour yesterday. I tried switching lobbies but the damn game put me back in the same lobby 3 times.
  5. I don't play on console but I know a few people who do and one of them said the game seems worse for them now while the other one is saying issues have been fixed for him. I would hate to be in the developers shoes trying to fix this game.
  6. Mine was only offline. I never had this issue or anything like it online. I never heard of the issue before either happening online.
  7. LOL that is hilarious. I wish I would have seen that now. The moment that person did must have been hilarious. EDIT: Or was it you that spotted the bus?
  8. Finally, they are addressing it publicly. Took them long enough. So annoying that they still haven't fixed the problem but I guess this means they are actively working on it now.
  9. A bunch of people should start asking them to add it as an option. I mean at this point, it would be useful for them as well given all the complaints their getting about people modding the game and hacking online.
  10. I haven't had issues with this online but have experienced it offline (story mode). I would say to report it but at this point, it would likely just be a waste of time. Maybe someone else hear had the same issue and knows a fix.
  11. I think because it is easier to use and run mods now, more people are doing it. I mean, I have no in-depth knowledge on them and was able to get a few running offline no problem.
  12. KVN from Final Space. One of my newer favorite adult cartoons. Has a nice mix of depression and humor. KVN is my favorite character I think.
  13. There isn't a way to do it which is annoying at times for me for other reasons. You might be able to use an inactive key on your keyboard to prevent it from happening. Like just hold a key in or set something on it. See if that prevents the camera idle switch over.
  14. I believe the bonding level can drop due to general neglect. Like if your horse is dirty and you don't clean it or it gets spooked by something and you don't comfort it. I always rotate my horses in the stable so I don't know if it can drop from that but I would imagine it can.
  15. SMH. Lazy answer is an understatement. It is hard to believe this is a professional gaming company sometimes. I got a similar response back in December. They didn't help me with anything. I got my answer for my issue on here.
  16. What creeped me out the most about this was the fact that there was a camera there. Like the dismemberment is bad enough but getting photos of it? 🤢
  17. Just in case someone else is having the issue, what did you do to fix the problem if you don't mind sharing Glad it got sorted for you.
  18. I got the game on PC and have noticed issues on and off with animal spawns since day one online. It doesn't seem any worse since the moonshiner update but I am also not playing as much.
  19. I kind of remember this, but only vaguely so I may have watched it in a play-through. What area did you find him in?
  20. I mean, this would at least be something. Just give people who reach higher levels special clothing items or like horse skins or something. Nothing has to change stats wise but it would be better than nothing. Outside of playing with friends, I don't see the point of playing the game after I reach level 100.
  21. I have sent some feedback on the issues, 3 times now. They responded once and it was not helpful, but what else is new. I guess if they know there is an issue and they don't have a fix, they can't be helpful.
  22. I struggled with it at times but I had a habit of overspending so that was more down to it being a "me" problem. lol
  23. This is something I wish was included for the story mode at least. It would help if you need to stretch your dollar a bit more. I accidentally got a gun I didn't need nor want and had to earn the money back.
  24. I was thinking the same thing as Parzival. There are some things in the game that are like this but it helps tell the story and paint a picture of time passing.
  25. Yeah it is a nice feature to have. Sometimes I just want to get to where I am going and don't want to deal with everything going on in the RDR2 world.
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