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Someone please help thanks


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Over the last 2 days I can not load anything into my cart, I bought a car as a trader and now it keeps flashing in and out every so often, i kill an animal skin it and it wont take my hides, infact anything that i kill it wont accept, i went into the cloud and verify game file integrity and everything is ok.


This problem has only come to light in the last 48 hours.

Someone gave me a link to rockstar help support but to be honest i have to click so many boxes to find a ticket that matches my problem, and i got lost on the page, it isnt straight forward just to place a ticket, so i have come here and i am asking for your support...


here are some screen shots to explain






Thank you



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Hi UK,

The Support page is pretty easy to navigate.  For this particular issue I would have chosen "Online Play", "Bug Report", "PC" and then "Contact Us" to open the report page where you can include all of the details to open your trouble ticket.  

Someone may also be able to help you here if an interaction misunderstanding, etc. but if it's a bug, you'll probably want to submit a report because none of us will be able to fix that for you unless there is some sort of workaround in that scenario.

We can all "support" you in that sense but please remember that RDR2.org is a fan site not affiliated with R* or Take Two.  

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