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Lost Trade Goods at Client Disconnect


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I understand to be patient as the devs  work on the client side disconnect issues but when I have just started a 100 good trader delivery mission and have their end blow up and when I relog, my four hours of work are gone as well as the $500 payout, I tend to wonder if online is worth the effort.  At least let my restore the 100 trade goods.   

Anyone know of  a work around?  I would love to be able to save at my discretion instead of the auto save which is not frequent enough.

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I'd submit a trouble ticket explaining your problem and what you lost. Also might asked than about the saves.

If anything, they might compensate you.   ....it's not unheard of for them to do this.

I would also expect that once they get problems ironed out they might provide bonuses / gifts to PC players for their troubles.

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