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Still getting KICKED!!!


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Same here. It's getting REALLY frustrating when you can quote the error code in full from memory. I've tried the suggestion to use a VPN but that just spawned 2 new error codes while trying to join a friend's session. I wouldn't mind but for the last three days I've joined friends posse to escort trading deliveries just to get kicked less than 5 minutes in, and you can't rejoin a posse once the mission has started even if you were there at the beginning. Between this and flying hackers dropping dynamite like B-17s, I think I'll shelve this game until R* sort this out. This is an exercise in frustration.

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On 12/3/2019 at 8:42 PM, Thatguy said:

Dec 2019 and cant play 5 min without being kicked off....

I'm still having the same issue. Not so much if use my sisters Xbox over at the place she stays at. They need to fix this as it is going to impact the game in the future. 

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