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12/16/19 Posse Versus Activities Disabled Temporarly


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Posse Versus activities disabled in Red Dead Online

Created December 17, 2019Updated December 17, 2019

Question: Why can't I start any Posse Versus activities in Red Dead Online?

Answer: Posse Versus activities have been temporarily disabled as we work to resolve some issues associated with them. During this time, any Daily Challenges related to participation in these activities cannot be completed. This should not affect Daily Challenge streaks, as players are not require to complete all Daily Challenges for streaks to persist.

Disabled Posse Versus Activities:

  • Feuds
  • Posse Feuds
  • Team Infighting
  • Infighting
  • Posse Race
  • Hunt the Leader
  • Biggest Fish Contest
  • Bird Shooting Contest
  • Herb Picking Contest
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