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The missing princess found in the game files (for real!)


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I was checking the other RDR wiki for a character name spelling to report a bug with him and spontaneously decided to check the IKZ page to see if there were any new developments on her (I find this mystery oddly intriguing, for some reason) and it seems the latest update has added her character model to the game files.


So, what do you guys think? Will there maybe be a new stranger mission added down the road where Arthur or John locates and/or rescues her? Is it just for RDO?

Of course, this proves what had been my latest suspect to not be her.



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It would be really disappointing if there's nothing in story mode for her, though. Her missing poster in Van Horn respawns after every instance it's taken by either Arthur or John and has done so ever since the game launched, so Rockstar might as well be slapping us in the face about it.

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