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Bounties not triggering

Sigill MacFinn

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OK so 1 of todays challenges for my fledgling Bounty Hunter is to bring in a Bounty & so far I have "taken" a Bounty from the "walls" in:-





& NOTHING happens - no instruction to go anywhere, nothing highlighted on the map, stumped!

Is anyone else getting this - Jim's only level 2 1/2 BH so I can only choose the low level bounties & it seems weird that nothing triggers

Any clues, anyone?


EDIT : OK so after a couple hours of connectivity problems I re-logged on & went to Tumbleweed & Bounty posters worked - perhaps it was something to do with connectivity problems who knows but it seems to have solved itself

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Solved itself
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On 2/15/2020 at 5:05 PM, CrabApples said:

If your internet is having issues or the connection just isn't stable, things like this will happen. Has happened to me before. Glad it sorted itself out for you. 

My internet is pretty solid most days but I noticed if it drops in a tiny bit, the game is not very forgiving of the fluctuation. Makes it rather annoying cause even when it does drop, my speeds are still over 50/10

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