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  1. I planned on losing a bit of weight this year. A month and a half in and I am down 7 pounds. I just have to keep it up. Hoping cutting out soda will help more.
  2. How many drunk moments you had? LOL I feel like long time drinkers have the best stories on this planet. You have had to see some stuff in your day.
  3. My internet is pretty solid most days but I noticed if it drops in a tiny bit, the game is not very forgiving of the fluctuation. Makes it rather annoying cause even when it does drop, my speeds are still over 50/10
  4. I would try uninstalling the launcher and reinstalling that. Could be a mechanic bug from their end that you can't fix and that may fix it.
  5. You can't rid yourself of them on or offline. You can store them online at least. It can be annoying when you reach a lot of weapon options. The way the menu functions just doesn't feel right when you are packing that much heat.
  6. I came in here expecting something completely different but I will not leave disappointed. LOL I wish we could breed dogs cause I would want mine to have puppies with yours. I swear mine has the IQ of a cracked stick stuck in a pile of bear poo.
  7. Thanks for the tip on this. I will give it a go. I was trying to get it the other day and failed again. I am likely not doing it at the right time.
  8. When I was younger, someone tricked me into thinking snow was pieces of the clouds falling from the sky. To this day, I don't know why I believed that... LOL I been doing okay I suppose. Got a 40 min workout session in shortly after waking up. Trying to get healthier and all that. I feel like I need a nap though.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Don't I know it about the PC game being finicky. It can be a pain in the backside at times. Helps to take breaks now and then, at least for me. There are always people up for grouping up on the forum. I am sure you will find others to play the game with. Enjoy your stay man!
  10. Welcome to the forum friend. I am sure you will enjoy it here if you decide to stick around. A lot of great people on here and nothing like other forums I have been a part of. Very relaxed and easy going.
  11. I am glad they are doing something about it but you know some people likely abuse this system. I have heard of people getting temp bans for simply being near players who were doing shady stuff. They just get looped into it. They need a better system for detecting stuff.
  12. It sounds like you have to change your battery settings. Just make it so it doesn't sleep ever when you have your laptop plugged in.
  13. I honestly don't mind being targeted. It is part of the game after all. The thing that makes me mad is when a player or a group of players does it constantly, like when you aren't even in missions or anything. You are just minding your own hunting and they keep targeting you. Hard to defend myself especially when I am alone and there is like 3+ people coming after me.
  14. I have had trouble getting the bottle myself. I checked the other day and sadly, was not there. It seems like no matter where people say it is, it isn't or I can't access it and I don't know why.
  15. They really need to update this. Most things should work the same as they did in story mode. We should be able to sell everything we steal, it is the old west for crying out loud.
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