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Only killing a dozen / 12 bots a day will have little to no affect on decreasing your Honor. It takes 6 -10 bot kills just to lower your  honor by one level. Now if you're trying to decrease your honor, but still are  hunt/ skin animals, feed your horse & so on. Which will increase your honor.  Meaning if you kill 10 bots & your honor goes down, just feeding your horse once could make your honor go back up. So you will have to kill another 10 bots just to lower your honor again.

Now if you do more stuff to increase your honor while trying to decrease your honor. Your honor will never go down. Easiest way for me to lower my honor is to ride from town to town killing all the bots I see on the way. This way I don't rack up a bounty.

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23 hours ago, AJStoner said:

How is it I'm a maximum honor character despite the fact that I kill a dozen people a day to save $20 on tanning fluid?

Because the game is rigged to have us play as heroes rather than outlaws.  You can go on a hour-long killing spree, terrorise the poor folk of your chosen town, and slaughter any law who might come to investigate, but if you make the mistake of feeding your horse an apple on the way out then the game decides you must be one of the good ones and gives you a pass.  It is ridiculously hard to maintain negative honour.  I play as an honourable character, have the natty suit and everything, but I like the idea of through and through bad eggs wandering around, so it would be great if negative deeds weren't quite so easy to erase from the slate.  Literally brushing your horse offsets murder.  It's crazy.

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