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The Gift of Focus


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Hey Cowpokes,

Has anyone tested stacking the ability cards Live for the Fight with A Gift of Focus? Will this make Live for the fight regen slightly faster? Since they took out the damage reduction to this card I was curious if I should level it up. I love using Live for the Fight.


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I am currently leveling up Gift of Focus II, Live for the Fight II, and Kick in the Butt II  (simultaneously) > all in an effort to keep Slow and Steady up and running for as long as possible in a protracted shoot out.  And regain it quickly if it runs out.  So far I am pretty happy with the result.  When all 3 cards get to level III it should be pretty awesome. 

Kick in the Butt increased to lvl II first, then Live for the fight.   Once Gift of focus went to lvl II, it did feel like both Kick in the butt and the regen rate of Live for the fight also improved.  Not much mind you.  But still noticeable. 

I already have An Eye for an Eye at lvl III.  But I want to try and determine which is better between eye for an eye (requiring me to land a head shot for more deadeye), or Kick in the Butt, where there's less deadeye restored but I get shot more often than I make head shots on all of my attackers, as a rule.  (law of averages)

Hope this helps!


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I second the "Live for the Fight" ability card.   At tier III it really does keep your dead eye full almost all the time.   Only if I am in a serious, continuous battle do I need to supplement with an elixer. 

My two setups are all tier III:

  1. Offensive: Paint it Black, Horseman, Never without One, Live for the Fight (or Eye for an Eye)
  2. Defensive: Slippery Bastard, The Unblinking Eye, Never without One, Friends for Life
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Thanks for the replies, I did level GOF to tier 3... it definitely does help Eye for an Eye. That seems to be one card I can't bring myself to remove. I really saw no difference with Gift of Focus speeding up Live for the Fight. I think that pairing might still not be up to par on how it is supposed to work. Maybe one day these 2 cards will jive better because I'm not a tonic drinker and I liked the idea of using Eye for an Eye with Live for the Fight to always have deadeye on tap.

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I never found Gift Of Focus to be anything special.  The only card I see as essential is Never Without One, as so many other players love headshotting others, even when just randomly riding past.  So NWO has saved my life many times.  The other cards I am currently just rotating through so I can get them all up to Level 3.

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