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Hunting dogs

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I think a cool feature would be to add hunting dogs for hire lol when hunting the dog can point in direction of the animal your hunting(scent of animal) and also when shooting ducks the dogs can go retrieve the duck and bring it back to you.. just a thought and what's everyone else think 

Or some kind of a command to have the dog retrieve the animal you shot.. maybe another type of whistle.

Also could be used for tracking and bounties..

I understand this would be hard to do and would take up alot of memoryFor the ai but just a fun idea for immersion 


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I think this has been raised before.  Dog were used like this in one of the Fallout games and in one of the CoD titles (if memory serves).  If the game mechanic isn;t already in the game, ir would most probably take a lot of work to get it in there , and for cut scenes/scripted missions to introduce and include the use of dogs.  Since the game has been out for a long time now, I doubt that many players would got back to this, and I doubt that Rockstar would spend the money in developing/scripting/acting these additions.

Cool idea though.

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