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You should add a treeby chain gun a hm browning harmonica rifle a mars automatic pistol a schwarzlose automatic pistol and knuckle dusters or brass knuckles and more weapon customizations and a 1855 10 gauge colt revolver and a roper revolving shotgun and a revolving repeater and more swords 

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Hi Cap'n and welcome to the forums.

Just to clarify, RDR2.org is a fan site not affiliated with R* or Take Two.  When you said "You", I wasn't sure if you realized that.  

Either way, that is what these forums are for to help provide a platform for RDR2 fans to suggest and share ideas, help fellow community members or to seek help, etc.  If however (for good measure) you want to plant a bug directly in R*'s ear, you can also submit some of what you share with your fellow members here over on R*'s Feedback site.  Now, you won't get a response but think of it more as a suggestion box of sorts that R* monitors:


Again, welcome and we hope you make RDR2.org your go-to source.  I think you'll find the community here quite refreshing.

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