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RDR2 next gen port?


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They revealed that there will be an "expanded and enhanced" version of GTAV released in the second half of 2021.  GTAO will be free for all PS5 owners for 3 months once it's available in that same time frame which indicates it might be sold separate from GTAV.

Until then, R* will be giving away $1million in in-game cash to GTAO players until release.

One of the big questions that need clarification is whether the new PS5 GTAO will be free forever for current GTAV owners.  Also, will the PS4 version of GTAV/O be playable on PS5 at launch.

PS5 is supposed to be backward compatible with PS4 but the games have to be updated for it  There are going to be quite a few that will be ready to go at launch of the PS5 and many more to follow they say.  I'd imagine most games that are still relevant at the time of launch will be made to be compatible at that point or soon after. I can see RDR2 being among them.

Also, any PS4 titles that you can play on PS5 could have the advantage of higher frame rates, faster load times, draw performance, etc. without being specially enhanced. I'd also imagine some games suffering from performance issues might find new life on the new consoles. 

The fact that they are creating a " remastered" version of GTAV makes me think that GTA6 might be a ways out. 

Perhaps we'll hear more about RDR2 and other titles compatibility on PS5 soon.  Also waiting to hear what else R* has in store.  Sony said that yesterday's reveal was just the start.  There is much more to be announced before release.

"We said that the PS5 has been designed to play PS4 games. We're going through the process with the publishers and developers testing that rather exhaustive library of over 4,000 games. We're happy with the progress that's been made," Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan tells CNET. "

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Yeah, I found out about yet a third version of GTA V not long after I posted this thread. They're sure milking that cow to skin and bones. But that said, I am interested in how GTA V v.3 is going to be "expanded." If they were to expand the game world (i.e., add San Fierro, Las Venturas, or even remaking Liberty City), I would seriously consider buying it again. But if it's just another graphical overhaul, I won't bother.

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