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Valentine Could Have Been Our Deadwood

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I was thinking about Valentine in Red Dead Online and couldn't help but wonder how it could have been the perfect Deadwood like setting if it would have been placed in Strawberry's location. 

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4 hours ago, Parzival said:

Why can't Strawberry be your Deadwood instead?

It can certainly substitute for it, but it would be nice if it had only one main drag like Deadwood.  

Temp 1 .jpg

Temp 2.jpg

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9 hours ago, James Hickok_1837 said:

God damn if i had a time machine i would go back in time and settle there. For real. 

You know, screw alternating time lines, let’s bring some of those Colt 1851 Navy’s back and sell them for 20K a piece!. 

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