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After big W10 patch can no longer play poker in RDO - PC [RESOLVED]


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Now, when I approach a poker table in RDR2 Online for PC I get this message: "This feature is not available now. Please come back later."

I have twice reinstalled my game taking 20 hours each time for a clean install but no joy. Ran " verify files " four times.

Earlier, I was in the saloon in Blackwater and another human player came in and was walking around the table for about five minutes before leaving. It was obvious that he, too, couldn't join the game.

I have been chatting with Rockstar support but all I get from them is fobbed off as it's obvious they haven't a clue.

So, anyone else with this problem? any suggestions?

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OK so I've been meaning to test this since I saw ur post in the main topic & today I finally got round to it

I can report:-

A] Saloon in Valentine shows the poker chip symbol

B] Saloon in Valentine allows me to interact with the poker table - I didn't go any further than the "buy in" screen

C] I am PC in UK

So it would appear that whatever it is that isn't working for you is localised??

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