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stupid thing, really. i stopped at the beggar to give him a buck and improve my honor, but then i accidentally shot him. pressed r2 instead of l2. BANG! oops. rest in peace. now the question is, will he respawn like the trapper does, or is he gone now?

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You encounter a few times this medicine collector, asking if you could help him finding some ingredients for his medicines or potions.
I once allmost stole his horse... I collected the plants he needed and went back to take my horse which was pretty close to his. Since it was almost dark I could see exactly which horse I was mounting on and it has his.
"Hey, that's MY horse!!", he yelled at me and the ran away. So I dismounted his horse and took mine but he kept on runnin.

I was also wondering if he stil would appear after this misunderstanding, but he did. Lucky for me.

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