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gator eggs


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On 3/3/2021 at 11:29 AM, harry747 said:

75? wow! the most i had was 72 or 73. is there another nest that i don't know about?

Look where the alligators are.
https://rdr2map.com/ and filter on "exotic".
South of Calliga Hall, close to the water. West Bayou. Lagras right side of the Kamassa River but west of the Lagras swamp and tne north side of the swamp. West of Bluewater Marsh.

I count 17 gator nests. Press  both left and right analog sticks to go in focus mode. You can not only focus on animal tracks, but you'll see plants, flowers and gator nests and also crawfish nests also. But I think you'd know this.
I don't got these 75 gator eggs all at once, but by returning from time to time.

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