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Wongful ban


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A little while ago I received a false accusation based ban. I've never received any notice prior nor have I solicited anyone in DMs nor sent server invites, you guys have banned the wrong person. My discord name is Little Bill#7527 and my discord ID is 890793663842639887. Please kindly fix this error is I believe a moderator is intentionally trolling/griefing me.



Gaius Cicereius
 — Today at 6:50 AM
You have been banned from Server: Red Dead Redemption 2
For Reason: unsolicited dms and server invites.

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If you were banned from a Discord server, you probably need to contact someone from the server you were banned from. Unless you know for sure that it's an official server run by Rockstar, they can do about as much about it as we can. Generally, Discord gives admins of individual servers full discretion over who they ban and why. But there are ways to file an appeal. Here's a link with details.


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