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Being accused of something horrible



What can be done if someone accuses me of horrible things IRL when they don't even know me.  Judging me and making people believe it (SLANDER) and causing me to get kicked from a posse of players i actually liked.   I want this person Perm banned for slandering me. I rarely even get online anymore because I am scared I'll be accused of who knows what.  I want something done.

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1 hour ago, Brewen53 said:

I want something done.

First things first, RDR2.org isn't affiliated with R* so there really isn't anything we can handle on this end.  

Having said that, how is this "someone" communicating these personal accusations?  Are they doing it through voice chat, text or what?  Do you have proof?  

Depending on how this person is sending these messages and what they saying in them, it may violate an EULA or similar.  I know on the PlayStation for instance if someone sends you a message that is a personal attack, it can be sent to Sony and the offender can actually have their account banned.   ......some with anything shared via party chat which is automatically recorded and can also be reported to Sony. 

You can also report players to R* through the in-game reporting feature and / or via their website here:


As far as other players refusing to believe your side of the story, there really isn't much you can do about that.  ........but beyond all this you may need to come to the realization that its better to cut your losses and move on.  I'd also be cautious about who you share personal information with online in the future if that was the case.  

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