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About This Posse

Red Dead Redemption II Posse based off my Crew, the Red Dead Online Beta drops next month and we'll be riding the vast open plains together when it does.


Xbox One
  1. What's new in this Posse
  2. My gammertag is Jmuir06 (Brother made this it's the only one with Xbox gold ;-;)(Made it my name to avoid confusion)
  3. Just under five days till release, can't wait to dive into the story of Red Dead Redemption II and later Red Dead Online.
  4. Welcome aboard! I look forward to riding with you.
  5. Great to have you dude, see you on the plains.
  6. Im new around these parts, but can wait to roam with you guys Gt is latex crusher
  7. Same here, I'll be sure to add you next time I load up my Xbox.
  8. I look forward to riding with everyone! My gamer tag is: Grey Gato
  9. I'll be with you guys in spirit, I am PS4
  10. i also wanna run with everyone here aswell my Gamertag is sniperlithius
  11. Yeah I couldn't recall who it was, just hit me up whenever you play.
  12. That's the plan, once I get through a bit of the story and have a good understanding of the game mechanics and controls I'll be jumping into Red Dead Online.
  13. Is the club gonna run together in gang? I’m so down to be involved and especially with people just into the game as I would be.
  14. As the hype train for Red Dead Redemption II rolls forward and picks up pace I find it harder and harder to wait for release and until the news ramps up in these last two months I'll remain bored so to avoid the boredom I'm gonna just use this Posse to post Emblems for now while I count the days, hopefully we'll continue to attract new members to the Forum and maybe some of them will join this empty Posse so that I'm not just posting to myself. Original ideas for Emblems are hard for me to come by so some are just inspired by pictures I've seen, whether or not I'll be able to apply them in Red Dead Online remains unknown but I enjoy making them all the same. If anyone wishes to post any Wild West/Red Dead Redemption themed Emblems or artwork they've found or made please feel free to do so. Nothing special about this one, it's my Posse name over a Billiard Table with two LeMat Revolvers. These are the silhouettes of Franco Nero as Django, Lee Van Cleef as Colonel Douglas Mortimer and Clint Eastwood as Josey Wales, I'm not skilled enough to make them in the Emblem Editor with any substantial detail so I went for a sundown theme. This is a cow skull with Native American decoration that I saw pictured somewhere, not much more to say about that. I made this after being inspired by Benjo's Posse name and Trump's funny looking face.

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