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  1. I'm just upset because Rock* said we would get something by late Summer. Well, considering this is the last day of Summer somebody lied.
  2. Yes, I would also like to know where you heard these rumors DaveSpeek.
  3. We have hardly seen anything about this game yet. Who says there won't be any deserts?
  4. I want originality. Hopefully Rockstar doesn't follow and comes up with something fresh.
  5. I just want this to be totally original. Please do not copy off previous games like a copy & paste.
  6. Yep. It's all in how you raise em.
  7. Hi everyone. RDR was my favorite all time game. This seems like like forum to be a part of. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  8. Just noticed, if you look at the building above his head, it is the letters "BL..C..." Blackwater??
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