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  1. The "Red Rebel Riders" are currently recruiting members that are interested in completing a combination of "Stranger" missions, hideout missions, fishing, and hunting. Message my account or "join" the posse within the webpage if interested:
  2. Otherwise, utilize this image: Character's Name: Jean-Marc Léon Your Posse Name: Red Rebel Riders Bounty Info: Theft, Robbery, Assault, and Illegal Gambling
  3. Character's Name: Jean-Marc Léon Your Posse Name: Red Rebel Riders Bounty Info: Theft, Robbery, Assault, and Illegal Gambling
  4. It would be decent if the game were to consist of a "Fighter's Club" or "Fist Fight" type of multi-player mode, in-which players engage in fist-fights in a "tournament" style match for wealth... betting could be included, as-well.
  5. I had recently invested in a massive posse that shall utilize the majority of it's time completing "Stranger" missions. In the future, I shall invest in a decent "Work" horse, combined with clothing.
  6. DLimit33


    Will players be capable of purchasing boats in the future? It would be a decent option for players to collect rarer types of fish by fishing within the middle of a lake. In the process, players would be capable of transporting larger amounts of fish from the lake to the harbor, which could potentially consist of a "fisherman" that purchases fish in exchange for currency.
  7. I highly disagree considering that griefing will simply cause victims to be spawned within their camp rather than near their initial objective.
  8. One is capable of completing "Stranger" missions on a daily basis while waiting for the update.
  9. Generally, I would complete a combination of "Stranger" and "Hideout" missions while occasionally hunting for pelts and meat.
  10. Purchase "Horse Insurance" in order to force the murderer to fund the fees for the horse.
  11. Hopefully, it is not the case, Otherwise, it would be unfair to those that play the game for one day of the week.
  12. In all honesty, I am unsure. It appears to be a waste of one's wealth to waste bullets on a human being that is only worth six to twelve experience, when one could mass-execute civilians with a lesser quantity of bullets.
  13. The best option would involve completing a combination of "Stranger" missions or "Hideout" missions if one desires to attain experience.
  14. I agree 100% with the notion that work horses should be capable of carrying a much larger load than other horses.
  15. I've played the game for a total of ten hours per week.
  16. It would be interesting for players to possess the ability to equip masks or hoods on to their heads. In the process, more "Mexican" and "Indigenous" themes should be available to the public since the Wild West was fairly diverse during it's time.
  17. The developers stated that they shall resolve the issue within the next few updates.
  18. Agreed, it should be fair for the player to reap the rewards of collecting the pelts or meat rather than to be penalized for committing a robbery.
  19. More than likely within the next 2-3 months.
  20. Hopefully, wagons shall be available to the public in the future in order to increase the amount of items that one could stack prior to selling the items to the butcher. However, it should be limited to those that possess a total of TWO horses.
  21. One could preserve the wealth in order to invest in property when the game is updated to include houses.
  22. Agreed, thematic characters would enhance the roleplay experience for the roleplaying community, while displaying a set of realism for the general public.
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