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  1. So you chased a guy off the server after he Killed you once? Sounds like yall are the griefers and running after one dude with a whole posse is my defenition of a Coward. No wonder this game is full of.....
  2. I mean this game has been out for quite some time now and at least for me the server issues are just getting worse. Cannot join showdowns at all anymore but at least the Free roam seems more stable but im pretty bored of doing nothing / the same sh*t riding around getting harassed by toxic players. And the same bullsh*t copy / paste answers from rs support makes me wanna cry. Open ports, clean cache Yadayada and they dont even bother to answer my questions or file my complaints. They have no clue or just dont care it seems. There is NOTHING wrong with my connection the fault lies in their end. Why oh why did i pick up this piece of thrash again but atleast its out of beta.... What a joke, sry but this is not ok in my book and with this i say Cheers and happy trails.
  3. ** My Horse sometimes die when i spawn in session costing me 4$ ** Weight still bugged ** Sometimes im too hot causing my cores to empty regardless outfits ** Joining pvp modes almost never work, endless loading screen ** Stranger missions as Buggy since day 1, doesnt start etc. ** Really bad framerate issues ** Lag problems ** npcs going wild, horses stuck in ground, wagons flying all over the place, dynamic events not present in some sessions + unable to trigger sometimes ** dead enemy despawns still ** bying crickets and worms from the catalouge only give you 1 instead of 5 ** crafting/bying too much at the same makes things just crawl to a stop ** hideouts gets abandoned b4 i start ** cant get the gift from rs b4 i get rid of all my regulare tonics. Sitting on 99 tonics of everything + rs free and when i need to refill it doesnt take the Free ones ** special spinner forever stuck in my lockbox ** wanted for nothing, wanted for vandalism or getting on my own horse etc
  4. Long time ago.... Currently lvl 335 and STILL looking for that one special cow poke to marry.....
  5. Hey lumper i Said Good for you how on Earth can you take that as hostile and nasty ? Yezzz chill dude i wont bother you anymore i promise
  6. Well the only new item is the le mat revolver and it will definitly cost more than 100$
  7. Thanks. Rockstar is doing a splendid job, they have a plan just like dutch did and that worked out just fine so keep the faith 👍🤗
  8. My point beeing it has cost me money to play rdr2 regardless, have a Nice evening. Cheers
  9. Psn and rdr2 was the Only game i played online
  10. I follow this forum but do not play the game anymore as it seems this is what we got. Just trying to find out what i missed that some experiense . Of Course im pissed paying 60 bucks + a monthly fee for an sub pair product
  11. change the way games are made and what we as consumers will come to expect and demand more of, yeah like finish the ****ing game b4 the release like they did back in the day and maybe try to dont copy / paste the same stuff that has been used in every singel game from the same company. What exactly is revolutionary with this game? #go here, kill that, go back Rinse and repeate
  12. Besides, it's not like I am being charged money to log in and play whenever I feel the call of the wild, wild, west.  You have to pay for ps+ right so yes you are paying 4 the online part.
  13. A - go to water B - equipt fishing rod C - select lure D - cast out
  14. Yeah Kean_1 you can delete or lock this thread if you wish, thanks.
  15. Will not continue to support this game im afraid. Im that kind of gamer that dont go back when i move on but thats just me 🙂 we are all different and i know most of you are in this for the long haul, all credit to you 🤗 Hopefully this game will kick ass in the upcomming years, it deservse that 👍 But the way the develepors have chosen to handle things have just left a bad impression on me and left me bitter. Happy hunting cowpokes ❤❤
  16. Thanks for an awesome forum and a nice time im moving on from rdr2. Nice people and respectful attitudes that you dont se in alot of places nowadays. Yehaa and bye
  17. Thanks. Thought they said they where going to released new stuff on a weekly basis but i might be wrong. On the Good side it looks like sow is back as a featured series, on the other side is everything else. Cheers
  18. All turkomans have the same stats btw if you dont wanna waste gb
  19. Afk= Away from keyboard At work, doing laundry etc not playing
  20. Hello Zampen, Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support. I understand that you are wanting to know if you will be compensated for the missing XP and Gold. I do apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you. At this time we are currently still looking into the cause of this issue and have no information on if players will or will not be compensated for the XP and Gold. Once we have more information we will reach back out to you.
  21. Not saying its p2w but i get what you are saying. I Think different but thats cool 🙂 dont wanna argue.
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