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  1. The people I always play with don't even accept assassination missions...we just move on to the next stranger. Assassination missions aren't even worth the time they take to do.
  2. It is still slightly more profitable to skin the sninal and sell all of the parts, but not by much
  3. Venison, pork, and prime beef has always been stacks of 20
  4. Seems like they are everywhere when you are full on explosive rounds and fat
  5. Well, considering the extensive changes they made yesterday to mechanics/dead eye/ability cards/ weapons, etc, BETA is probably still the best things to call it. Finished games don't get such sweeping changes all at once. I expect to see this a few more times before they remove the BETA tag from the game as they try to find the right way to balance things.
  6. I have gotten 1 gold bar one time before. Never seen higher than that. Also got $170 some dollars on one, but not on the one that had a full gold bar in it.
  7. You can't "sit" on the bed with military theme either...I am 100% sure as that is the theme I have. If the default large tent had a lamp or candle in it (which it does not) then I would use that one as well. However, you don't have to buy the theme to see what the tent will look like...if you just hover on the theme it shows you a preview of what your current tent will look like...assuming you are high enough level to buy it.
  8. I use my Foxtrotter way more than my Turkoman... very little difference in the performance of the two, regardless of what the stats show. One thing I don't understand is people saying the Turkoman is "bigger" or "taller" than the trotter. Several of my friends run Turkoman and I have seen the horses side by side and they look the exact same size... Just buy whichever one you think looks better to you...or buy both so you have a good backup horse when one of yours dies.
  9. Hmmmm interesting...was it the box that disappeared? Or the treasure inside the box? The box itself didn't disappear for me. Once I opened the box and then changed servers, map was gone from my inventory.
  10. Tips? Shoot them at the ground near a players feet so even if they dive they are blown to bits. Also great to kill players hunkered down somewhere.
  11. One time like a month ago...a player down in New Austin near the fort was riding around on his horse with his blip faded and was transparent. He was killing everyone left and right but couldn't be targeted with auto aim, though he was still clearly able to auto aim at others and kill them...however, a dynamite arrow shot at the ground by horse still killed them both. He then immediately left the session.
  12. Anyone know an area where multiple moonshine (even if it's only 2) spawn within a 30s-1m horse ride of one another? I know a few places where a lone bottle will spawn but I am looking for a couple near each other to collect and server hop.
  13. Yeah I just confirmed it is still happening to me...went to butcher with only 5 perfect baby alligator pelts on my horse. Went to "sell all $17.50" first thing and sold...whole stack vanished but looking at top right corner, my actual pay received was $10.50 (price of 3). Only happens to me with pelts on the horse...satchel pelts sell fine in stacks.
  14. Oh I certainly agree...just saying the black arabian, in my opinion, is not worth the cost in gold, which takes much longer to earn than cash. I also run a fox trotter, amber champagne, and it has a full stamina ring besides a tiny sliver.
  15. Hmmmmmm. I haven't tried to sell more than 3 for like a month now, so I haven't tried it recently. I will try it again next time I am on considering all of these reports from you guys. Everytime I watched the money going to the butcher, my whole stack of pelts would disappear, but I would never get paid for all of them when I watched how much he actually paid in the top right right corner. Maybe they adjusted it somehow.
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