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  1. Unless something new comes up and people need to discuss it, this board will be fairly empty. It’s not like people aren’t playing, I see full lobbies regularly, but there isn’t much to talk about if you’ve been playing for any length of time at all.
  2. Trade Route is the only game invite I accept. I’ve never died during it, I’ve never seen guys hiding inside the train cars. The only issue I have is sometimes the kill -hungry people hang at the front thinking they’ll get more chances that’s way and leave the rear of the train exposed. I can’t count how many times it’s just myself and maybe one other person in the back, and usually because of that we will still be number 1,2, or 3 in kills, but I love getting the goods. When everyone spreads out on the train and defends it properly it’s a fun and productive ten minutes or so.
  3. Trader is a grind and a half even with the improved animal spawns. The daily challenge of six perfect large animals blows chunks unless you run into a fully spawned emerald ranch (or other such place) and call out your wagon. And half the time the sizes don’t match the challenge. Medium sized animals are supposed to be the ones you hang on your saddle, but not always. if you are reasonably close to your camp you can carry one deer and drag another with your lasso if you don’t feel like calling the wagon out. if you need cash moonshiner is better, and collector is better than that. Start a moonshine batch and then go collect. you can grind some gold doing bounties but it’s not much, and the cash is even worse. Dailies and resetting accomplishments are better for gold.
  4. I’m level 200, give it take a level, about 900 gold and roughly 35k. I have not bought everything under the sun for my character, just what I want here or there. I do some dailies every day, sometimes a couple, sometimes a lot depending on the challenges. I ignore pvp challenges, can’t really do posse ones, I sell stuff for challenges but rarely just for the heck of it. I hunt for small carcasses or feathers a fair bit between challenges as they have challenges where those come in very handy, same with fishing. Always good to have certain types of meat in the satchel. I enjoy the world that exists in the game, I don’t want to grind very hard, I just like being ‘there’. I find it’s a great way to unwind after work and beats watching reruns on the couch.
  5. Usually one of the wagons (if there is two) contains a lock box with a pocket watch and some ammo.
  6. Agreed. And their hostility level needs to stay red for much much longer than it does. As it is most griefers that I run into are yellow bellies, attacking people minding their own, hunting, fishing, etc and then server jumping to not face their due. Getting shot in the back just because is kinda stupid. It’s not end of the world or anything, after all you just respawn yourself but it can be a waste of my time. That being said, anybody entering someone’s camp and being stupid gets what they deserve. If you don’t care, don’t. You want to kill them in interesting ways, go for it.
  7. I play the piano with the band, the leave and stand in front of the band while they still play. The girl moves to take over the piano from you and you get the dance option. Then you dance like a doofus. my granddaughter watched me yesterday. She made such faces at my character’s dancing skills. 😄
  8. Today while running five treasure maps I ran into a few of the normal sports for collectibles, so I’m guessing that the locations may not have changed, but the timing may have.
  9. Done. To be honest the new update is pulling me out of this game, rather then making it more interesting. I don’t play this game for high levels of irritation or aggravation.
  10. So far moonshining is mostly an aggravating money pit. the revenue agents are overly numerous with surprise spawns and they seemingly wear bulletproof underwear. the sales missions glitch out and you lose everything, or you can actually get into a mission and hit a rock with your wagon and lose your shipment. the shacks need a fast travel post. I’ve already moved mine once as a simple horse ride to the nearest town was several minutes of cinema mode time wasting, as well as the delivery roads nearby being overly hazardous for the health of the goods. does the bar make any money? Why does it exist except for us to throw money at it. Income compared to every other role feels like........ I don’t want to make money hand over fist, level up every five minutes, or want the missions to be a breeze or anything, but the rewards do not match the risks or effort.
  11. He showed up AGAIN! I hogtied him and was riding off to find somewhere interesting to take him......and was spotted by a random NPC and instantly ‘kidnapping’ appeared and the law was after me. I lost them but just dumped him in the swamp to be rid of him. He haunts me he does.
  12. Lawman/bandit. Let’s say you are a trader doing a long delivery and you get attacked. One of the buttons summons lawmen players to come to your aid. Or you are in town and somebody shoots you. Instead of Press Charges you summon the law. Or if you are a lawman and a gang of bandits robs the bank, you can ask for reinforcements. If bandits win/get away, more money or gold for them. If the lawmen fend them off, money or gold for all. i think they’d have to change respawning rates or places or else battles could go on forever, but I think this could work quite well.
  13. Mine showed up again Saturday. I am now hog tying him, putting him on my horse and then killing him in whatever interesting way I can find in the geographic area of my camp. Now, he’s only been in my camp four times and I fed him once.......... edit: forgot about one of his visits. I’ve now killed him via drowning, cliff toss, and dynamite.
  14. I think I saw the exact same one, the dollar figure matches I accepted it but I think they hopped off immediately as nothing further happened, nothing appeared on my map. i wasn’t necessarily going to hunt the person down, twenty bucks ain’t squat in this game but I was curious as to how it looked.
  15. You get a camera......I love photography.........and some people post some great pics on the social club...... True that there’s no reward or buckle or anything, but when I ran out of stuff to do in SP I found it added to roaming around if I was looking for great subjects. i was sad when a glitch lost a lot of my pics.
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