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  1. TONS of cheaters/script kids on these days. What the heck is going on.
  2. Vonjager

    How to fish?

    REALLY useful tip in the Eagle Eye thing. I had no idea. That is SO nice. Thanks, flu!
  3. Vonjager

    How to fish?

    Don't tap R too fast after landing a fish. If it's a big fish, just increasing your reeling speed quickly can cause the line to snap.
  4. Ride with a crew. Its a savage gameworld, and I love it. I agree some additional protections are needed for traders, but if you could cancel runs everyone would just cancel at the first sigh of trouble. Some of the most fun Ive had were shootouts on long hauls, win or lose.
  5. Fantastic bunch of guys, and a very skilled crew. I have found my home in RDO with these guys. Come give us a chance to show you a good time!
  6. I was raised in a cruel, unprotected world. I do not pull punches, I do not suger coat turds to make them taste better. If that is a crime, then I am guilty as charged. If everyone here is a snowflake that can't handle brutal honesty, go ahead and ban me now. I could care less. Id raather be told the straight truth no matter how brutal than force fed a sugar coated turd. Wouldnt you?
  7. Apologists? Hahaha! The game is plenty broken and far from perfect. I am not apologizing for anything or anyone. You seem to be one of those that has some terminology for everyone who disagrees with you, even though youve openly admitted to cheating/exploiting. You are directly cheating everyone out of content. If anyone owes an apology, it is YOU for using exploits while others play the game as intended. If calling you out on your exploits makes me a bully.... lol, Im not even gonna say what Id like to say about that.
  8. Dont cheat yourself. If youre on PC, play first person mode and manual aim only. I promise, its hard but so worth it. No offense to anyone who has a disability, or just plain isnt fast enough to do manual aim. I know a wide range of people play, so I mean no offense. BUT if you can, you should try it. It brings the game alive.
  9. Thats really, really crappy. Why am I not surprised. Sorry that happened to you guys. The human race never fails to....err, impress me.
  10. Um.... what? You find being robbed as harrassment? The long distance delivery is LITERALLY DESIGNED to give people a chance to rob you, the risk you run for trying to make the most money. Its not harrassment, its not griefing, its LITERALLY what was intended by the developers. If you dont like big meanieheads taking all of your goodies, perhaps you should go play Flower Picking Simulator or something. This game is BUILT on the concept of being an outlaw. There is zero room for debate there, it is FACT. What you do to glitch into a solo lobby, is exactly that. A glitch and a cheat. You are cheating other players out of the opportunity to rob you, and you are deliberately exploiting loopholes to get yourself into your own server. You also WAY exaggerate the pvp aspect. It is not CONSTANT PVP as you claim. Ive been killed twice in 100+ hours in online by people i didnt start crap with first. Know what i did? I fought back and had fun, i didnt whine that someone pushed me down and stole my icecream. Have fun in your glitched, empty worlds, showing that AI who is boss. Jeez, dude.
  11. Yes, how dare the game not be perfect across the thousands of possible hardware and OS combos. The NERVE of Rockstar! 🙄
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