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  1. is this one of the encounters? I thought it was a night-time thing
  2. Gonna have to agree on that one actually, haven't played with the new graphics though but N64 version was my early childhood unlike all the other kids with a ****ing Wii my parents were nerds lol.
  3. I've had this happen a couple times , once a guy had arrows in his back and he did the same thing. Also when i looted the first guy i got 4 gold teeth but idk if there's anything to this or what...
  4. Far Cry 3 was amazing ! 1. Saints Row 1 2. RDR 1 (sentimental reasons) 3. Perfect Dark
  5. Sweet Southern Tea! Brought to you in part by,, a kid from Mississippi Gun or Blade ?
  6. Howdy There Partner ! Watch out for'em crazies in the swamps now ya' Hear ?
  7. was looking for some help with this mission..
  8. Add some strangers missions were you have the option to help (or rob) them in return if you help them you gain a connection that could help persuade lawmen to look in the other direction for smaller crimes. Or even we could kidnap a player from another gang and hold them for ransom. Really there's tons they could do with something like this..(hint for future DLC)
  9. It'd just be cool to play with a group of people and rob a train/stage and act like we're Billy the Kid's Gang (The Rustlers) or Alvord-Stiles Gang and go hideout for a bit, then go back on a robbing spree.
  10. Such as, Sam Bass Gang or Black Hills Bandits I would like to see the community implement actual gangs of the time period.
  11. Xbox is superior.. i rest my case lol
  12. Most PS4's explode upon being plugged in/ burst into flames while playing/ eat your game disc/ The only REAL and TRUE way to avoid losing game saves is to buy an Xbox and Manually save your game often
  13. Only thing i would add, If you chose passive mode you will have to stay for the remainder of the session to avoid "Passive mode trolling" like in gta and could you elaborate on the "fantasy" part i didn't quite understand
  14. I'd guess it's like gta to where if you have it off in your settings then join/create a match it's off in online also
  15. What's in your wallet? you can't be talking about him right lmaošŸ¤£
  16. who's excited about MODS !! oh wait that's right it's just me..
  17. Let's talk about the strange things we've come across while playing.
  18. I think bringing bad sport lobbies back is a good idea just they need to be more strict about it
  19. So just picture this HULK VS TRAIN rdr2
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