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  1. I mostly did same thing as OP on my first and only play trhough...
  2. What I usually do is pay 4$, disconect, reconnect then call my horse.
  3. Playing pvp is also way more rewarding, you can get around 20$ per game if you finish on top or with the mvp ..
  4. yeah it's always fun to get killed from a varmin riffle in pvp ... (/sarcasm)
  5. yes should not have fees if you paid for insurances.
  6. yeah, first thing I did is to catch 10 red salmon and sold them for 25$ total. LOL
  7. look in the quick menu d-pad left in stable you may have 4$ fees to get your horse back, it will take 2 min then you can whistle it.
  8. time to find a new day job then...
  9. My biggest fear is that they allow too much money for said activity then the grind become too easy and all of the sudden every player can get the Carcano in two days...
  10. you hold L2 then X to buy the lake lure with 1x gold bar (PS4)
  11. Nice post, I did around 200$ fishing yesterday, I bought the lake lure for one gold bar and it's been pretty effective since then. I'm only at level 22. If you fishing right you should not lose the lake lure but make sure to be carefull. I found some salmon in the Owanjila lake, near the north west side of it where the river feed the lake itself....
  12. I'll try it and let you guys know. I'm thinking that price should differ on race and whatnot..
  13. I didnt sold any horses yet but I think if you manage to get on a wild horse, you can sell it in any stable....
  14. yeah, hunting is IMO the best way to make fast money. Perfect buck will give you around 6.50$
  15. Alright, so last night I got into a gun fight with another player, I killed him and all of the sudden I see a hat on the map, it was the dude's hat I just killed. I was able to pick it up... So I grabbed it and I was just pretty happy to get this hat from this dude that I PWNED headshot lol. Feels ****ing great, partner !!
  16. I cant wait to log on and kill those whining noobs.... LOL
  17. you dont have enough empty box at the begining, you need to buy one extra or sell your actual horse.
  18. Here's my dude on day one, I've reached lvl 11 before going to bed. Can't wait to go back online tonight !
  19. if you crouch, your icon goes off on the radar..
  20. Good post, I do have to mostly agree with your concerns, we'll see soon enough what RDR:O is all about !! IMO the mecanics and the physics of red dead redemption 2 is well made, I do have high expectations for the online part, will probably not play another game once the online is released.
  21. Sounds good, I'll prolly have time to complete the game a second time then !! thx for the heads up 👍
  22. My pirate Arthur, 57,7% game completion when I logged off last night !
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