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Can't pat the horse in the barn in Chapter 1 - The Colter


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Could anybody help, just got the game today (29 Oct 2018) and has installed with Patch 1.02

Just started the game and very early with Dutch and Micah after dealing with O'Driscolls gang went to the barn as told by Dutch.

However afterward, need to focus on the horse and approach the horse, was able to click 'Calm' but after that COMPLETELY UNABLE TO 'PAT' the horse

Everytime clicking on it there's just round grey circle around the 'Pat' indicator and Arthus does nothing, no patting at all. Have been at it all night and repeat the game again and again but always encountered same problem: unable to 'Pat' the horse, therefore unable to progress. So frustrating.

Anyone PLEASE HELP and Rockstar PLEASE HELP.......

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Yup, terrain, maybe it's to close to a signpost or wall or something. Have had this several times.  Either moving away and approaching again has fixed it, or moving away and calling my horse to follow did the trick.  Never figured out what exactly it is but sometimes it's obvious why it does this (Like when standing on a hill, downhill from the horse can't reach up enough to feed it, brush it or whatever is one of those time I had it where it was obvious why, other times, nothing nearby and it does that.)  I think there are times while it is whining about something or other, you just need to wait a moment for it to finish throwing it's tantrum before it let's you do anything.

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