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Unable to fish


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It's not gonna reel in if it's fighting you.  As soon as you hook it, it fights you, so you don't reel just yet, you move left stick left/ right to fight back and tire it out.  Once it tires out and the controller stops vibrating (assuming you haven't turned off vibrate), then you start reeling in.  Usually, it starts fighting again at least once before you get it in, so you have to stop reeling and tire it out again.  Repeat until you have your fish.

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8 hours ago, Devale said:

I did the same thing...20 minutes same spot...lol...I was turning the R counterclockwise instead of clockwise.....the R at the bottom of the screen should move with you.  If that helps

Haha n1 one :D i bet the threadowner did same :P

And yeah the direction feels "wrong", in other games i played before  i had to turn counter clockwise.

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