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Help in Finding My Lost Legendary Fish

Slayer Fan

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Howdy folks,


I have come in the hope that someone is able to help me or someone that has suffered the same misfortune as me in Losing a Legendary Fish, how is that even possible you ask? Well, I stupidly stood on the rocks rather than the beach at Van Horn Trading Post lighthouse, I successfully caught the Legendary Fish as you can see from the attached screenshot, when I was carrying it back onto dry land, I slipped and fell into the see and came out minus the fish.


As you can see from the 2nd Screenshot, there is a white paw print and zero sign of the fish.

I am hoping that someone can help or able to confirm that I will need to fish again for that damn legendary fish.


Many thanks folks for your replies




Screenshot 2018-11-08 at 19.15.31.png

Screenshot 2018-11-08 at 19.01.45.png

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39 minutes ago, dropkickennedy said:

Do the legendary fish act the same as animals?

Quoting the official guide:

"Note that animals are one of a kind: once you kill them, they were looking not appear again. Be sure to skin them and take care not to leave any loot behind. If you do, note that irreplaceable parts required to create talismans/trinkets are automatically sent to the trapper."

Says nothing about the legendary fish and how they are handled.

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Just now, BropolloCreed79 said:

My guess is drinks, dinner, dancing (more drinks) and a night-cap.

I don't know, The one I got reeled in last night didn't take much effort...

Might just be more like those tinder dates people keep telling me about. I guess you swipe a certain way and then they **** you?

Not entirely sure how it works, but that fish was EASY.

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The outcome is that, you have to catch it again, so I left the area, went to my camp with Dutch and Co and slept for a few hours and then returned to the spot where the Legendary Fish was located and bingo, it was available to catch again, which I have just, at this very moment have done, hence the delay in letting you all know.


Many thanks to you all for not severely mocking me even though it's hilarious as hell and for all your suggestions which helped me immensely.


Now to catch some more Legendary fishes.


Thank you all once again.

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I cannot believe I FINALLY found an answer to this.


The exact same thing happened to me in exact same spot as OP.


Thank you!


You wouldn't believe how many Legendary Fish Guides came up instead a solution to this problem. I had to make a profile just so I could say Thanks. 

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@Slayer Fan I actually caught that one this morning. Took me like 5 minutes to find a spot I could cast from, then I caught it right away.

I fell trying to get back to my horse and thought I was going to lose it, but luckily it got caught on a rock. Sent it off without a problem, but it's not crossed off on my map. I triple checked, everything says I sent it off.

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