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Friendly competitive fun between posse/crews. [PS4]


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I realize we do not know much about how online and posse/crews will play out. But I assume there will ways to set up competitive events between group of players.

With a set of agreed upon rules and a respectful friendly attitude events like this can be really fun and help your posse improve.

In GTA we (as a crew) have played close to 150 crew battles and arranged three seasons of a league for crews.

Now I wanted to create this thread to see about interest in this type of events as we get closer to the release of online.


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On 11/21/2018 at 12:36 PM, LandoB said:

Maybe a leaderboard where it tracks your kills against another crew so you can have rivalry’s and when you have a rivalry with another crew you can join their lobby at will.

This would be good especially if there was an ability to start a feud with another gang.  Killing their members could give a slightly higher xp bonus or something when you are feuding.  Basically like declaring war against clans and fighting it out to see who can get more points/kills/cash/whatever.  Maybe it could last like a week, and whoever wins the feud gets a cash or xp bonus.  Got the idea from watching Hatfields & McCoys the other day and thought feuding posses/gangs could be fun.  And while you are feuding, you would be matched with public games that have the other posse/gang playing in them, or even initiate a battle of some kind where it pits you against the other gang.

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