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RDO Stable Bug Report


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 I’m currently having a bug whereI can’t pull My horse out of the stables I have the ultimate edition therefore I have a free Arabian as well as other thoroughbreds I’ve tried pulling every single one of them out of the stable but the make active button is grayed out and I cannot press it I can upgrade the horse change saddles customize it etc. but I can’t actually pull it out of the stable is anybody else having this bug?

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You have to put saddle on him first - buy arabian or just choose him - choose saddle - saddle him up and then make active.

Edit: I had the same issue, you cant just make him active, saddle wont move from your previous horse automatically, thats why you have grayed out "make active" choice.

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Uhmmm...having the same issue. Sold my horse and my DLC was available, but when I leave the stable it says "you have no horse"...wtf!!

I just tried to unsaddle the horse I had to call....I'm stuck!

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I was stuck like that too, Sell the horse you get from the mission with Clive 
(or if you can afford a new stall, buy one)

Go to whichever Ultimate Edition horse you want, you'll have to select it, go to Tack, go to your saddle, press Triangle/Y to Equip, then you can Activate your horse.

Again, this game is poor at explaining these things...

Video of me figuring this out, which should help you guys:


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