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Red Dead Online Tips For Beginners


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As of today, the Red Dead Online beta is open to all players who own Red Dead Redemption 2 as per the rollout schedule. This no doubt means there will be a sudden population boom, and more players means more questions. In the early days of the beta, we have bee posting guides that touched upon specific mechanics of the game. However, if you need help in how to get started in the first place, you've come to the right place.

Our other guides on Red Dead Online:

I've Made My Character, What Now?

Red Dead Online is much more free-form than the story mode is, allowing you to access just about all activities right off the bat. In very basic terms, your role in Red Dead Online is to rank up and get rich. Ranking up allows you to unlock cool new abilities, features and items, while getting rich allows you to purchase those items, as well as various upgrades. Incidentally, both of these goals can be achieved by doing any activity in the game. Basically, everything you do will grant you XP and money, though woefully small amounts of the latter. Some activities also yield gold nuggets, 100 of which adds up to a Gold Bar. Right now progress in terms of money and item acquisition is slow, however chances are Rockstar will adjust the in-game economy before full release.

How Do I Set Camp?


If you are playing alone, you will have access to what is called a Player Camp. Functionally, the Player Camp combines the permanent gang camp and the small makeshift camp Arthur can set up anywhere in story mode. If you camp down and fly a white flag, it will become a non-combat zone where you don't need to be afraid of getting jumped by other outlaws.

In your camp, you have access to a number of character management and crafting menus. Your wardrobe will be accessible, you can rest and cook, and you can purchase items from the catalog and have them arrive in your delivery box if you buy the necessary upgrade - otherwise they will arrive at post offices.

If you are part of a posse, you can also access the Posse Camp which has a greater range of functionality, and its decor is determined by the posse's chosen colors and emblem.

How Do I Join A Posse?

Red Dead Online can be played alone, but is best enjoyed with a posse. It's a multiplayer game for a reason, and your Wild Western antics will be all the more memorable if you have other gunslingers to share the fun with. Posses are Red Dead Online's take on a general clan or guild system used in other games, however it is rather unique and very different from other such mechanics.

First of all, there are two kinds of posses in Red Dead Online. Temporary Posses and Permanent Posses. The former works more akin to a raid group, while the second is more in line with the guild analogy. A Temporary Posse is free to form and is maxed out at 4 players, but disbands when the session is disconnected.


Permanent Posses are better suited to larger groups who play together regularly. Maxed at 7 players, Permanent Posses automatically reform when the posse leader and at least one other member are online at the same time in the same session. These cost some money to form, but allow you to access the posse camp and customize your gang colors and emblem.

To join an existing posse, said posse needs to be set to "open". This can be done by pressing left on the d-pad and selecting a desired posse from the menu. To form a posse, you do the same, and then invite players. As a posse leader, you can set the privacy of the posse, and all members will automatically follow you if you switch sessions, begin a mission or join a Showdown Series game mode.

Someone Keeps Killing Me, What Do I Do?

Red Dead Online has an interesting but somewhat flawed system in place to deal with griefers. The Parley and Feud system allows you to deal with being repeatedly killed by the same opponent in two ways. After you got killed by a specific player several times in a short period of time while in free roam, you can choose to Parley which sets off a 10 minute timer during which the two of you can't harm one another.

Feud, on the other hand, requires the agreement of both parties. This triggers a brief 3 minute window where you are put into a fair-fight situation and a score is kept on how many times you kill the other player. Theoretically, whoever wins will have displayed their dominance, putting an end to the griefing. In reality, griefers are unlikely to agree to this, and even if they do, they'd just continue doing the same thing after it ends regardless of who wins.

The problem with Parley, on the other hand, is that if the griefer has mates, they can just as easily keep killing you. An easy fix would be that if the person you Parley with is in a Posse, the other members of the Posse are also part of that Parley. Sure, they could just exit the Posse, but you can't have a completely foolproof system. This could be discouraged by limiting how often you can leave and rejoin the same posse over and over again.

My Horse Died, What Now?


Horses in Red Dead Online can die, leaving you stranded without a means of transportation. The introductory mission of the game walks you through the process of Horse Insurance, which removes the respawn fee of the mount for a one-time down payment. If your horse is not insured, each time it dies you need to pay to have it revived at a stable. With insurance, this is free. Note that the cost of insurance depends on how high level the horse is, so the best horses will cost fortunes to insure.

I've Encountered A Bug Or Have A Suggestion, Where Do I Report It?

Rockstar is actively looking for player feedback during the beta phase. If you have any to give, you can submit it here.

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7 hours ago, Moosh89 said:

To avoid trolls stealing your horse and subsequently killing it - While in Free Roam (not on a mission), Open the Player Menu by pressing LEFT D-Pad, go down to Stables > Horse Access: Me Only, Allow Leading: Disabled


RDO Horse Access.jpg

Good call on this. My friend told me to do this after my one horse got highjacked. The dude rode my horse to a cliff and shot him off it. I was so pissed but couldn't help by laugh. It was my own fault for not disabling the lead and blocking people from riding him. 

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1 minute ago, Gh0stRyder said:

Good call on this. My friend told me to do this after my one horse got highjacked. The dude rode my horse to a cliff and shot him off it. I was so pissed but couldn't help by laugh. It was my own fault for not disabling the lead and blocking people from riding him. 

exact same thing happened to me at the start of a mission. I thought it would be like RDR1 where you could whistle and the horse would buck the thief off. I was left running on foot whistling f***ing Dixie pretty much as I see him drop off a cliff and get the notification "Your horse has been critically injured". I found those settings and Horse Access was greyed out on mission. Once I got to Free Roam, it was available.

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