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Best Headphones/Headset for RDR2


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I myself use Turtle Beach Elite 800x. They're a few years old, so theres prolly newer versions. Mine were about $300 when I got them. I really take care of them so theyre like new even after about 5-6 years (think I got them a few months before xbox one came out)

They have surround sound and you can adjust the output by which game your playing. In shooters, footstep focus or superhuman hearing modes help hear people trying to sneak up on you. In RDO, I used signature sound (enhances the sound a bit but keeps it the way the game was intended to sound), but I switched to superhuman hearing cuz it makes it sound more like I'm actually there.

You can use them with any system and they have bluetooth so you can use them with your phone or PC, have music playing from your PC while having the game and chat all in the same headset. They typically design each one to work better with a specific system, but with bluetooth especially, it's not much difference. They're wireless, so you have to charge them either with the dock it comes with, or with any micro USB (tho the USB takes much longer), and I dont have to charge it more than once a week of about 4-5 hours play a day.

Generally I prefer Turtle Beaches, even the cheaper stereo ones with few features are good. Some people like Astros or the other one, I think it's called Triton.

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39 minutes ago, Gh0stRyder said:

Do you have a price preference here? I have owned a number of them and my buddy has a huge selection himself of all different price points, what did you have in mind - or is your budget fully open? 

I wouldn't want to spend much more than $100 maybe 150 (preferably 100). I was looking at the Beyerdynamic DT 770 or 880 or the plantonics rig 500 pro hs or 800. possibly sennheisser? hyper cloud revolver or 2? I have a ps4. Sound is most important but a headset would be nice for posse. I

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Listing what I have/had:

I'm currently using a Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum - $128. Great sound quality although you may want to tweak the settings with these, default settings causes the in game music and sounds to drown out voice chat. Good battery life, very comfortable especially for long sessions, and I personally like having a flip to mute microphone.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 - $150. I had these before my Logitech and they had choppy sound issues after a while (only had them for just over 4 months). Like it would if I got too far from my system even though I would be sitting no more than 10 feet from it. Also the ear cups on these are leather so after a while I would tend to get kinda hot. 

HyperX Cloud 2 before that - $100. They were good I just wanted to get a wireless set and be able to mute my microphone without having to detach it from the headset. 

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I'm using Song Gold Wireless headset for playing on my PS4 and PS4PRO.


They cost about $100. I got my first pair soon after getting a PS4 in 2015 and needing to speak for voice chat. I also use and still use Senheisser HD280 headphones (about $100 I think) for gaming on PC and PS4. Though that has no mic. Sometime last year, one of the headphone mounts broke on my Gold. I was able to duct tape it to reattach. But it doesn't fit as well as it once did. I got the Sony Platinum Wireless headset, for it has a bit better specs. But didn't like how it fit my large skull. Too much clamping force on my ears. And returned it the next day and got another Sony Gold Wireless Headset. This also has a very hand CHAT/SOUND button on the side. To be able to adjust the voice chat and game sound on the fly without having to go to any in game menu. Just tap tap tap, to balance the volume between the two Really handy when people in voice chat are too loud or annoying, but you still want to be in voice chat. They also work on my PC. But the CHAT/SOUND buttons don't do anything on PC. The Gold has a mute button on headset.

For PC gaming I use Sennheiser GSP 600 headset. It's wired. It's closed, like the HD280s But holy smokes I love how they sound. This is now my favorite headset to use while gaming on PC. I have yet to try connecting them to my PS4. You can mute these my lifting up the microphone, rotate it upward.


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3 hours ago, Volt said:

But didn't like how it fit my large skull. Too much clamping force on my ears.

I feel ya, I have a pretty big head myself and most things that say one size fits all are lying.  My Gunnar's (pretty much the same as shooting glasses, they're HD gaming glasses) are ok, but a little tight.  My Turtle Beaches on the other hand fit pretty well, and I only have them adjusted to about half the length they could be.  Every headset that came with any xbox has broken within a week when I try to put it on, with the exception of the xbone headset, as I never had to use it, got my xbone designed turtle beaches a little before the system came out in 2013.

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On 12/2/2018 at 12:50 AM, luckisforlosers said:

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 - $150.

I got those a while back, but rarely used them. I tried using them last night and couldn't get them to pair with my new xbox...

12 hours ago, KRooKeD KRoW said:

got my xbone designed turtle beaches a little before the system came out in 2013.


I had this set and loved them. They were comfortable and everyone could hear me fine. They finally crapped out at some point, but I was sent the new model when I replaced them. The new version is crappy in comparison. They're "glasses friendly" which means they used a shittier padding and less of it. The adjustment on them is shitty and the mic is weird.

I should've sent them back as soon as I realized they were different, but I thought I should give them a chance...

@Morpheus I also strongly recommend the headset adapter for most wired headsets (for xbox). It allows you to adjust game volume and voice volume independently. It's very pricey right now, but if you can find it cheap (or a decent knockoff) then you should definitely get it,


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